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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Colorado - Home Base

Hello, anyone there...

COVID - how has it affected you? Are you doing ok? I would like to connect to my RVing friends again through the blog, I have always enjoyed our conversations.

Am I still an RV'er? Yes. Part-time, now.
Did I buy a house? No. I think about it - its hard to commit to something. Instead of a house, I still dream of a small piece of land with a barn or RV garage, something that I could leave unattended while I travel. Or maybe a lot in one of the Escapees parks, surrounded by like-minded friends.

I have been in Colorado for about 3 years. I still own my RV and I hope to trade it in for a camping van of some kind. Although I have always done long-range goal planning, we never truly know what the future will bring. So, I go with the flow, adjusting as I go along.

There are many places that are still on my bucket list.  I can't see myself traveling any other way besides an RV or camper van. I like to have everything I need with me.

I now have a Subaru, along with my RV. Although, when I go on day trips around Colorado, it would be nice to have a van or RV with me. It would be a great place to rest after a hike, before the drive back home.  My RV, although small, does not fit well in the parking lot of most trailheads. I think a camper van or a converted van, would be perfect for day trips around the state. It would take up a lot less space in the driveway, too.

Currently, I am exploring all of Colorado - starting with JeffCo (Jefferson County). My style of travel is changing.  I hope to do some backpacking and more "camping".

I still work part-time as a tax accountant (remotely) and I have a small biz selling small quilted items. And I help out my granddaughters 2 days a week with remote school, that is an adventure in itself.

There are many, many trails and parks in Colorado and I plan to write about them, here, to provide information to you. Colorado is beautiful, but it is overcrowded with people wanting to enjoy the trails and camping.

There are many groups, in Colorado, devoted to hiking. I have joined a few - Meetup is a great place to find hikes and I am a member of "Sisters on the Fly", "Women Who Hike Colorado" and a few others.
Of course, with Covid, I have not joined in on any group activities lately - waiting, like everyone else to get back to some kind of normal.

I hope you are all well and I welcome your comments.


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