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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cooper's Hawk

Last week, I startled a hawk that was near the path behind the Visitors Center. I was able to get a few pictures with my iPhone.

clutching a rabbit, trying to fly

hiding the rabbit, I was too close, he was not happy with me

trying again to fly away from me, dragging the rabbit

Cooper's Hawk

click on pictures to enlarge

Another attempt to fly with the rabbit
he dropped the rabbit and is in the tree
so I decided to move on and leave him alone.

red dragonfly

Amazing stuff...
being this close to wildlife

earlier the same day
the alligator was out of the water again

today on lunch break
Indigo Snake near the pond

A big thank you to another volunteer here, Henry. He purchased a wi-fi repeater to access the wi-fi from the volunteer outpost. Today he added my computer to the repeater.  Its been a long time since I had access to such fast internet.  I need to talk to him tomorrow and make sure I am not affecting the speed on his computer.

Took just a few minutes to add pictures to this post, normally it would take hours or days.


  1. How exciting to get to see the wonders of nature! Wish I were there.

  2. Good camera catches, especially the blue indigo.

  3. Good pictures. That's a lot of wildlife.

  4. nice catch with the Iphone and the hawk...

  5. Great to have faster internet. Maybe we'll be seeing more photos of this interesting wildlife you have for neighbors.

  6. Wow, those photos of the hawk with the rabbit are fantastic. I love the one where he is hiding the rabbit. If those were my shots, I'd be seeing if I could enter them into some kind of contest. Good job! BTW, your camera phone takes good photos. :)

  7. I love days like this! Looks like you are in a neat place.

  8. Lucky you seeing that young female Cooper's catch lunch! Just watch out for the gigantic rattlesnakes. :)

  9. Great pictures of the hawk. I have seen this before. They get the biggest rabbits and then have trouble flying off with then.
    Had one fly into the tree next door to me yesterday. Of course I didn't have my camera ready. Makes me nervous to leave Fred out on the porch alone.

  10. Wow! Emma. It was great that you were the one disturbing the Cooper's Hawk. Wonderful pictures. Reminds me of the time I startled a Red Tail Hawk in Hawk Alley. It had just caught a snake sunning in the road and flew off with it, the snake dangling from its talons. As I stopped to watch it, it flew over a barb-wire fence, the snake caught on a barb and he went head over heals to the ground.

    Then he jumped back up to the top wire and glared at me.

    I just gave away my own Wi-Fi booster to Malheur. Then have several they give to the volunteers who have trouble getting strong enough Internet. Sounds like you have a friend nearby that is adequate for now. But having your own, may be a cheaper solution another time. A friend gave me this and since I'm still trying to fit into my Honda Fit with all my stuff, I'm continually culling what I am not using.

  11. Neat you were able to catch that hawk in action. Fasinating!

  12. Very cool, Teri...
    Nice catch!
    Box Canyon Mark


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