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Friday, March 1, 2013

Looking back.........and forward

I finally decided to have my blog posts printed as a book.  I created a book using the blog posts written in 2011.  After I receive this book, I will decide if I want to make changes to the format before I order a book for 2012.

Last year, my daughter gave me a book... a "write your life story book".  I find that its hard to sit and write answers to these questions. A printed book of my blog posts will explain more about who I am and the story of my life.  I will still fill out the "family tree" and "special dates" pages of that book, but leave the journal entries to the blog.

My blog posts are not always about current events.  I have blogged about my past and have included pictures from past road trips and family events. I have even included some history about my grandparents on my blog pages.

As I was previewing the pages and reading the posts,  I was surprised at some of the things I had written.  Surprised....... in a good way, I was impressed with some of the things I had written, amazed that I had written those posts. 

I started my blog on a cold January day.  I was tired of sitting in the house alone and needed a major change.  I really like some of the posts that I wrote in 2011 and now feel that my blog has gotten kinda boring since then.

Make a Wish

So, its time to look forward again and make some plans and set some goals.

Time to find some inspirational quotes to share with everyone. 

I hope to start quilting and sewing again.  I spend a lot of time reading and a lot of time on the computer. I need to make some changes, cut back on computer time and do something more productive.  

The other exciting change is that I am going to be a "Gramma".  My daughter is expecting her first child in August.  This is the reason I am staying in Texas this year.  I will happily spend my days near the beach while waiting for the baby to arrive. 

My original plan was to work at National Parks, each year, during the summer.  All of these jobs require a commitment to stay until September or October. Last year, I worked at Mesa Verde from April 11 - Oct. 24th. I'm not going to take a job and then leave early to be back in Texas by the first week of August.  I saw the problems that were created when some of the staff left before the end of their contract, it was a mess for the HR and payroll departments and for the managers creating the work schedules.

I sent out resumes stating that I would be available from April 1st to July 31st, but these dates would not work for the jobs that were available.

Rescue Turtles @ Sea Turtle Inc November 2012

So, I will stay on South Padre Island and volunteer with Sea Turtle, Inc. and work a part-time accounting job.  

I am hoping to be able to volunteer near the nesting area and watch the baby sea turtles being released into the gulf. At the end of March, I will be attending the "Sea Turtle Nesting Patrol" training session.


  1. I've thought about getting a book made as well, but haven't followed through. Good for you.

    I hope your air conditioner works well if you are staying all year. :)

  2. That's wonderful news, Teri ;)

    The Turtle Lady place?! how very cool to be able to watch the sea turtles... end of March... gee that sounds wonderful. You keep reinventing yourself... good stuff

    Being Gramma is where it's at. I'm driving in a couple of hours to pick my little almost three year old granddaughter up for the weekend.

    Love the book idea.

  3. I have always had my blog made into a book but I do it every six months cause mine get rather large with all the pictures I post. Congrats on being a Grandma. That has got to be the best thing ever.

  4. Congratulations, Gramma! Your decision to stay in Texas for the birth of the baby sounds like a good choice.

  5. I'm sure you will enjoy those turtles. We were there one time when the little ones were released. I had white tennis shoes on and they would follow me!!!

  6. Congratulations on being a Gramma! How wonderful for all the family.

    I would love to see the release of those babies. Enjoy it.

  7. Congrats to YOU and your daughter! Your life sounds FUN. I also hope to transform my previous blog posts into a book ^_^!

  8. Congrats to you and your daughter! I have considered making my blog posts into a book also. The task just sounds so dang daunting though.

  9. We worked at the Kansas facility the last two years. I wrote quite a bit about it in my blog posts while we were there so if you go back to my October through December posts of 2011 and 2012 you should be able to learn quite a bit. We stayed at Big Chief RV park across the street. We rode our bikes to work most every night. They are under new ownership this year and not taking reservations. If you arrive by the middle of October, you shouldn't have a problem getting a site. If you start much later than that, they may be full. The work at Amazon is not hard, but being on your feet for 10 hours a shift is not easy. If you decide to work at the Kansas location, please let us know. If we fill out a form, we get a small referral bonus. You can contact me directly on my blog using the contact me link on the right side. That will send me a direct email. I will be happy to answer any questions you have. The weather was not that cold. We had several nights below freezing. We would just disconnect our hose those nights and put water in our tanks. I think it depends on what type of RV you have. Some people who did not have heated underbellies, used heated hoses and did some insulating around the outside of their unit.

  10. I've got a blog book for the first two years, and I'm ready to order another for last year. It's better than a diary for me.

  11. I'm coming in late here, but I think the book is a wonderful idea. I started my blog with the encouragement of others & am glad I did. It's a nice reference point on dates & such. I can go back & see when I had repairs done or what I've done. Our blogs are invaluable tools!

    Congrats on the grandbaby!!! :-)


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