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Sunday, September 22, 2013

High Tide @ Sunset

high tide at Isla Blanca County Park

Report from the National Weather Service: High tides at 7:36 pm will combine with strong northeast winds and high waves that will wash up to the dunes on the beaches of South Padre Island and Boca Chica Beach.

An answer to a comment from my last post.

There is a very small refrigerator in my RV. It runs on electric only. No propane or 12V switch. It is not a typical RV refrigerator and there are no vents on the outside of the RV behind the refrigerator. For one person, this size has worked out fine, it holds enough food between shopping trips. But, I do miss having a freezer. The tiny freezer in the top corner of my fridge does not really keep things frozen.

And thanks for the info about where to run the wires. I didn't think about the vents. I do not have an antenna, there was no TV equipment or cable hookups in the RV, which is fine with me. I have not added these things.

When I purchased this "different" RV - I said I was thankful that it did not have the things that I did not want.  I did not have to pay for things that I did not need.

Friday, September 20, 2013

RV Solar Panel Systems

I'm looking for referrals for RV Solar Installers, located in Texas.

I am totally ready to have my RV finished while I am in Texas this winter. I have lived in this RV full-time for almost 2 years and "think" "I know" what I want and need (do we ever ?).

photo from

As part of the interior remodeling, I want to make sure that I incorporate whatever is necessary to have a solar system installed in the RV.

I need to work with a solar installer at the same time that I make changes to the inside of the RV to accommodate the inverter, controllers, etc.

I don't want to add new furniture and then find out that it's in the way of installing the solar components.

On some blogs, I have read reviews of installers in Arizona and California and I think as far as Oregon. I have also read that, usually, the wiring is fed from the roof through the back of the refrigerator space. I do not have an RV refrigerator, no refrigerator venting. How will the wiring get from the roof to the inverter and batteries? 

I really do not want to drive thousands of miles to have this work done. And, NO, I will not try to do it myself.

I am hoping that someone reading this blog knows of a place in Texas.

Thanks for any comments or information.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Where to Next???

It's time to leave South Padre Island, we will be leaving on September 30th. I have 6 more work days at the KOA.  I have been in South Texas for almost a year, 5 months at the wildlife refuge and 6 months at KOA.

Saturday night outdoor movie screen at the KOA

Pirate Ship sails in the Laguna Madre behind the KOA

Staying in one area, for almost a year, is good for my savings account.
I purchased less than $200 in gas for the RV since last November and still have 3/4 tank. I did not pay rent at the Wildlife Refuge. The rent at the KOA was only $140 a month, and I was paid for every hour worked - some campgrounds only give you an RV site for the hours worked.  The rent would have been $850 a month if I did not work here. I was going to stay here anyway, waiting for my granddaughter to be born.  I am very grateful that I was able to get a job at the KOA. (I bugged them, sent emails several times, and then finally a job opened up) It was not difficult work, I learned a new reservation system, and I had fun working with the kids activities. 

My daughter and son-in-law have found a really nice house in San Antonio and I will follow along. I'm sure they will need some babysitting help while they get settled. 

 Li'l Sophia is growing ~  almost 13# at 5 weeks

It won't be easy to live in a big city in an RV, but I found an RV park that is only 2 miles from the house. There is a bus stop in front and a bike trail is alongside the RV park.

I will probably stay in Texas through the winter months and then move on to a job, hopefully in a National Park,  for next summer. I don't think I will be working this fall and winter. 

Since November 2011, I have traveled for about 6 months and worked for about 18 months. I still have boxes, in the outside compartments of the RV, that need to be sorted. The word for this year is "FINISH". I want to get everything done and start fresh in 2014. 

I need/want to get the remodeling in my RV finished.  I finished the bed in April. It's the other side of the RV, where the larger dinette is, that needs to be changed. I took out the table and just have the 2 benches and a folding table. It really needs to get done, it is driving me crazy.

I want to install an L-shaped desk along the drivers side of the RV, starting about a foot behind the drivers seat and all the way to the kitchen cabinets. This will give me a wider "aisle". The aisle was only about 20" wide, and after I took out the small dinette and added the bed, it is now 25" wide. When all the changes are done, there will be even more space in the center of the RV.  

I just need to find someone reliable to move the fresh water tank for me.  I purchased the RV at Lazydays in Tampa, they have a location in Tucson and I have been in contact with them. I sent pictures and a description of what I want changed and am waiting for a reply.  If they can do the job, I may take a trip there to get it done. Otherwise, I need to find someplace in Texas to get the work done. I am also waiting to find out if it is possible to have my passenger seat swivel around to face the center of the RV. 

Time to move on to new adventures........................ 
I will probably purchase a Texas State Parks pass and visit many of the parks this fall and winter. 

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