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Sunday, September 22, 2013

High Tide @ Sunset

high tide at Isla Blanca County Park

Report from the National Weather Service: High tides at 7:36 pm will combine with strong northeast winds and high waves that will wash up to the dunes on the beaches of South Padre Island and Boca Chica Beach.

An answer to a comment from my last post.

There is a very small refrigerator in my RV. It runs on electric only. No propane or 12V switch. It is not a typical RV refrigerator and there are no vents on the outside of the RV behind the refrigerator. For one person, this size has worked out fine, it holds enough food between shopping trips. But, I do miss having a freezer. The tiny freezer in the top corner of my fridge does not really keep things frozen.

And thanks for the info about where to run the wires. I didn't think about the vents. I do not have an antenna, there was no TV equipment or cable hookups in the RV, which is fine with me. I have not added these things.

When I purchased this "different" RV - I said I was thankful that it did not have the things that I did not want.  I did not have to pay for things that I did not need.


  1. Those are gorgeous pictures. You aren't close enough to the water that we need to worry about you are you?

  2. Beautiful pictures. Love the heron shot.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Right in those pictures is where I'd like to be. Maybe I should come back as a heron. :-) )


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