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Sunday, December 8, 2013


I guess we are all in this together, not too many places to hide from the cold weather.

Waiting..... There are several things I wanted to do this month, but the cooler weather has messed up my plans.

I was thinking about moving south, along the coast or maybe even over to Big Bend for a week or two. I want to be back in San Antonio for Christmas, so now I will just stay put instead of traveling in this cruddy weather.

After checking out the 10 day forecasts, I don't see anywhere worth traveling to. I have read reports of icy roads and lots of wind along the highways. No way am I driving in that. Florida is too far to go and then come back for Christmas.

So now I wait... to go to the Winnebago dealer/service center in Kerrville, TX (the roads around hill country have been icy).

I wait... to ride my bike along the river trail to the San Antonio Missions.

I wait... to go back to a little village of shops to pick up a few Christmas presents.

When the weather is good, San Antonio is a great place for walking and biking.  I have been to the river walk area downtown. I also like the Mission Trail which goes along the river, starting downtown heading south past five Missions, part of the National Park System. (see the link above)

And I really should wash the RV again. I washed it right before I left South Padre, but it needs it again.

I was really, really hoping for warmer weather in San Antonio. 

I visit with the kids and play with Sophia (which is a good thing, but it will be hard not seeing them for a few months at a time while I am workamping and traveling). So, I spend a lot of time indoors reading and planning future trips and future workamping jobs.

Sophia likes Santa

I am also waiting... for news about a job for January-April.  It is not a typical workamping job, so I had to find a RV park close to the job site. This particular RV park has an application process for monthly renters, so I am waiting to hear back from them. I can't take the job unless I can get into that park.

What are you waiting for?



  1. What a cute picture of Sophia and Santa. First Christmases are so special. What am I waiting for?? The weather to get above freezing so the rest of the snow will melt.

  2. I have a very hard time waiting. Right now I'm waiting for the noseeums to leave and stop turning me into looking like I have chicken pox.

  3. Sophia will treasure that picture in the future. You're right about no place warm to go. Where's global warming when you need it?

  4. I think I would like to visit San Antonio; right now I am waiting for Christmas. Global warming ha ha, that's joke science.

  5. Sophia is such a doll. What am I waiting for? I really can't think of anything much. I hate the cold but it is winter so I'm trying to just accept it. I know - I'm waiting for the house to clean itself and decorate itself for Christmas. lol

  6. Good to hear from you. I'm waiting to leave for the warmth of summer in South Africa. That '17' on your map in AZ is me. Brrrr..... It's just too cold to go out.

  7. Sophia looks cute. I am waiting for Christmas!!

  8. Part of my waiting ended early Sunday morning when a sweet grandson was born just 5 weeks after another grandson we had been waiting for this year. Now I wait as my contractor begins work this morning to complete the final 2 rooms in my house.

  9. Well, this evening I'm awaiting another round of snow here in NJ. We had about 1" yesterday, which has essentially melted. There's forecast for 2-4 more inches tonight/tomorrow. Hope it warms enough around San Antonio for you to get out and enjoy it!

  10. Sofia sure has grown. Beautiful baby. Glad she liked Santa. My friends granddaughter had a very different opinion.
    Me I'm waiting for warmer temps too.


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