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Friday, February 17, 2012

Deciding where to go next

I'm still on the Gulf Coast, moving around from park to park, trying to decide where I want to go next.  The weather has been rainy, cloudy and foggy.....but the temps are warm.

Can't decide if I want to stay around the coast or head up towards New Mexico and maybe Arizona before I head to Colorado.  I checked and the night time temps in southern New Mexico are pretty low, even though the daytime temps are in the 60's with sunshine.

I do not have to turn on the furnace or the electric heater where I am at now. If I decide to move north to New Mexico or Arizona, it will most likely be cold in the mornings when I go out for a walk.

Warm days/nights with possibility of rain/fog
    Sunshine and cold nights/mornings

I am still drawn to this area
 and am not in a hurry to head north.

My challenge is finding a park that feels like the country, but that is close to conveniences.  I want to be able to walk around town and check out the area. This is what I like about the Gulf Coast, many of the RV parks are close to the beaches and piers and I can spend hours walking around the area.

I am challenging myself to find places to visit where I don't need a car. I want to intentionally find places to walk and ride a bike.  When I owned my home, I would often walk to the grocery store, bank, library or post office. I am trying to fit that into my lifestyle now. Several years ago I did research on "walkable" communities. Now, I just have to find "walkable" communities that have nice RV parks.

The State Parks that have walking and biking trails are also good places to stay for more than a day or two. I can fill several hours a day trying out different trails in a state park.

I feel more comfortable walking along the shore (a more open, spacious feeling). When I am walking the trails in the wooded parks, it feels more closed in and secluded and I'm not comfortable walking alone.

*     *     *     *     *
From December 30th to February 14th, I stayed at Pioneer Beach Resort in Port Aransas, TX on Mustang Island.  I really liked the corner site that I had near the pond. If I had been in another site, I may not have stayed as long and probably would not have been as happy with the park.  Many of the sites are close together, but there are a few areas around the ponds in the park that have larger sites.

Pioneer Beach Resort          Right outside the RV door

Pioneer Beach Resort is almost 5 miles from the "downtown" area of Port Aransas and this is why I chose this park. It's on the quieter side of the island, closer to the state parks, and is the end of the line for the bus. The bus comes to the park once an hour from 10am to 5pm, 7 days a week. I used this bus to go to the grocery, post office, or to get to other areas of town to walk around and check out different areas.

The park has a nice boardwalk, wide enough to ride a golf cart on, that takes you over the dunes and to the beach. The beach on this end of Mustang Island is not very crowded.

Pioneer Beach Resort has all of the usual events for a "snowbird" park. Pot luck dinners, bingo, craft classes, seminars, entertainment, dances, etc.  I did not join in on any of these events. Some of the women I talked to have been coming back to this park, every winter, for over 12 years.

*     *     *     *     *

I had an appointment for an eye exam this week and wanted to find a park close to the doctors office.  The exam would include dilating my eyes and I did not want to drive the RV around after that. I ended up at Portobelo Village, an RV & Mobile Home Community in Aransas Pass. It was less than a mile walk to the eye doctors office, so it was a good place to stay for 2 days. The park was nice and clean, and less than 2 blocks to walk to stores and Subway for dinner. Everyone is friendly, but its not where I want to stay for a long time, so I am moving on.

*     *     *

Friday morning, I drove around 20 miles, I'm staying in another coastal town. I paid for a week, and then maybe I'll finally make a decision about which way I'm heading.

map from TexasCoastalBend,org


  1. Teri, you might like South Padre ... the only drawback is the season. It's almost time for Spring break and the kids comes in droves...

    Port Isabel is a neat little place on this side of South Padre. Since I stayed at the beach ... there are two county parks there and are very reasonable.

    Google South Padre and Port Isabel... Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley is another very friendly winter Texan area ... Harlingen .... I love that area and when I stayed at Isla Blanca State Park --- I walked everywhere. I could fetch the URLs but just google --- there is also a live cam on several places in South Padre...

    I have South Padre on my iPhone weather app and it's 70° right now ... all week is 69-70 with lows about the same ... 64-65° at night

  2. Teri, with our lifestyle you don't have to make moves unless it pleases.

  3. That sounds a lot like the type of rv parks/communities that Harry and I are hoping to find. We want to be able to ride our bikes and/or walk instead of having to drive everywhere.

  4. I'm just getting to "know" you and am not sure if you're alone or have a traveling companion. But so much of what Bill & I plan isn't really a compromise, but hopefully a balance of each of our desires. For the 1st 5years of traveling all we had were our bicycles as alternative travel... too many places we lived were just too dangerous to bike safely.... Things like proximity to library and grocery and church and ??? started entering in. And bad knees ;-) Whether or not we would be volunteering... there are just so many factors and it's all so individualized.... You'll know when you make the right decision....

  5. I spent my first year fulltime without a toad, but was much happier once I got one. It opened up so many more possibilities for ME. That's the key. We each find what suits us best. :)

  6. Informative post. I like the boardwalk to the beach.

  7. Teri, we've been around Bouse, AZ for a month now. We don't run the furnace, ever, but every now and then we turn on our Mr. Heaty in the evening for a little while. For me, damp and cold are a horrible combination. But, if you're comfy, wait a little while before coming to NM or AZ. Right now it's the "cold" time of night and I'm wearing a sweatshirt and windbreaker. Once the sun rises, the rig starts to heat up from passive solar and I'm good to go.


  8. But isn't it GREAT to have the freedom to make these choices about what you want your front yard to look like?

    That heder picture is FANtastic. What camera did you use to get that?


  9. Deciding where to go next is a good problem!! There are so many wonderful places to see, I'm sure you'll find the place that suits you best.

  10. Seems like you've had good luck with the RV parks near town and along the beach. I'm sure, wherever you decide to head next will be a great adventure.

  11. You sure have picked great places so far. I know you will pick a great one again. I love the photo's you have taken of all the great sites you have had.

    We have had a cold week here and out plans had to be canceled until the end of this month, Since Terry has a tent trailer she would freeze and it rianed and snowed in Hauchuca. But it is warming up and today the sun is shining. Of course we would be heading back to Tucson today so it wouldn't matter. :)

    Can't wait to see where you go next.

  12. Looks like it will now be several months for me till I gander over that way (TX - AZ) but it is a good possibility my sister may come with me when I do get to go! Have fun Teri, sunshine will be the norm very soon!

  13. I think you are in a great place - just enjoy & move on when you are ready. Never feel like you are staying anywhere too long, you now have the freedom to stay or move on! :-)


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