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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sun Screens

Today I had Sun Screens installed on all of the RV windows.  

The mobile installer is staying at the RV park I'm in.  I have been watching him install the sunscreens on other RV's while I was walking around the park. I looked online at some of the companies that advertise in the RVing magazines.  I wanted to read some information about the sunscreens and have an idea of prices. There are websites where you can order the materials and cut and install them yourself.

I liked that they are made right at your RV site, I did not have to sit in a waiting room somewhere. The installer has a sewing machine on a slide out table in the back of his pickup truck.  The screens are custom made for your window and are available in a few colors. I just went with black, because the trim around my windows is black.

He used snaps to install them, the snaps are riveted on, he had to drill some pilot holes. This is a bit nerve wracking - hearing him drill into the RV. But I'm sure he knows what he is doing.

I do not like to use air conditioning. These sunshades are supposed to keep the heat out of the RV. They also protect the interior of the RV from the sun. I have already noticed that there is no glare on the laptop screen. It will be easier to sit and read the computer or a book with the RV window shades open, now that the sunscreens are installed.  I had been adjusting the window shades several times during the day, now I won't have to do that.

I have already noticed a big difference in the late afternoon and when the sun was setting. Sometimes I would put the foil windshield protector up right before sunset and then remove it later in the evening. I don't need to do that anymore.

I can see out the windows, I was even able to see the Roseate Spoonbill in the pond. No, its not as clear as the windshield, but I can still see the different colors. Only drawback is that I won't be able to take any pictures through the windows. 

Did you ever notice that the little RV bathrooms get very warm from the sun? They also make a sunscreen to go on the skylight in the bathroom ceiling, this one installs inside.

I can leave the window shades up during the day for cross-ventilation and still have privacy and shade.

I plan on workamping, which means the RV will be sitting in one place for several weeks or months at a time. I figure the sunscreens will keep the RV cooler when it is closed up during the day.

The installer, Allen Caddell (1-888-505-6809), travels all over the country in his RV installing these sunscreens at RV parks. They also make custom tire covers, but the installation would not work out well for my RV. The tire covers are not wrapped around the tire, they are a rectangular piece of the screening snapped to the exterior of the RV and the fabric hangs over the tire.  I have seen these on some of the larger RV's in this park. My wheel wells are different and it just would not work.

example of wheel cover


  1. Teri, those screens sound and look pretty nifty, indeed!

  2. Nice to have a handy installer right in the park. I liked the sun screens I had.

  3. Nice that you can still see out. They look good.

  4. We have them but we have not yet tried to put them up. I think we need a ladder to reach the snaps!

  5. Interesting information. Those screens look real good.

  6. I have a bonnet on my truck window area that has screens built into it. I love it. And I like to roll my windows down in good weather, so I can still have the screen to keep the bugs out. Enjoy those screens! They look nice.

  7. What a neat idea. They look fantastic.

  8. We had some made for our rig too and we love them. They make a huge difference with the heat. Just don't forget that during the day no one can see in, BUT at night with a light on inside everyone outside can now see in...LOL.

  9. Huh -- I've never seen anything like those! Is yours a class B motorhome? Workamping will be fun -- that's essentially what we've been doing for over two years now. LOL! :)


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