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Thursday, April 19, 2012

iPhone...5g and a busy week

I am now using my iPhone as a personal hotspot, I set this up with Sprint and I will get 5g per month for $29. It is on a month to month basis, I told them I did not want to be tied into any contracts, because I did not know if this would solve my problems. Is 5g enough???

Spruce Tree House

If this works out, I will cancel the Sprint Mobile Hotspot that I have.  The Mobile Hotspot is unlimited, as long as your are in a Sprint serviced area. The mobile hotspot  is more expensive per month and charges extra for roaming over a specified amount per month.  My iPhone is roaming at this location, but I was told that the iPhone plan does not charge anything extra for roaming. Sprint sends me an email when I have used up all of my free roaming on the hotspot, I would hope they do the same for the iPhone  if I am going to incur any additional charges. I can also check my account online and will do that at the end of this week.

It has been a busy week, but I am not working a full 40 hour week yet. My schedule shows 5 days a week, 8:30 to 5:00, with a mandatory 1/2 hour lunch break. I don't think there is enough work for me to work 40 hours each week, this is ok because it gives me more time to explore the area. My normal days off (after next week) will be on Friday and Saturday.

Last Thursday was a full day of Orientation. I started training in the Accounting office on Friday and then on Saturday I trained in the Lodge on the computer systems for the front desk and gift shops.  I will use reports from these systems in my job in the accounting office.

On Monday afternoon, we were treated to a 1/2 day tour of Mesa Verde National Park from Aramark, this tour usually costs around $45.00.  The bus driver/guide was excellent.  He knows a lot about the history of this area.

Cliff Palace
this photo is from my iPhone, I will need to get some
photos with my "zoom" lense camera
Cliff Palace is the largest cliff dwelling in the park.
You can purchase a ticket for a
"ranger-led" tour to get closer to the dwelling.

Tuesday was my day off this week,  I rode the employee shuttle into town. They will drop you off and pick you up at any store.  Most of the employees just go to Walmart.  I asked to be dropped off at City Market, about a mile from Walmart, I told the driver he could pick me up at Walmart.  I was able to stop in a few stores and take a walk down the main street and see what type of shopping is available.

On Wednesday evening, we went to a food tasting in the Metate Room, a fine dining restaurant at the Lodge.  The Lodge and dining room is not open all year, today was "opening day" for this season.  All of the food was fabulous.  We had appetizers, shrimp, salads, chili, and several entrees of chicken, quail, beef medallions, elk, wild boar, pork tenderloin and trout and 2 different vegetarian entrees. Even though the portions were small for us (we divided a normal servings between 6 at our table).  It still works out to each of us eating more than 2 entrees.  After awhile, I was taking a very small sampling of each item. 

Square Tower House
A large multi-storied dwelling, built in the A.D. 1200's.
This 80 room complex was only accessible by
hand-and-toe-holds hammered into the rock.
Imagine carrying food and water up and down such a precarious
staircase or using hand-made ropes to lower materials to your cliff house.

My manager will be up at the Lodge for the next 5 days, training the Night Auditor, so I will be on my own for a few days.  There are reports that we work on in the morning that need to be sent to the managers of all the departments before 11am.  I have been doing these reports alongside my manager and hope that no problems come up over the next few days.

Today I finally received some passwords and access to the computer systems under my own "login", a key to the accounting office and an alarm code for the front door of the office building.

The work is different that what I did as a tax preparer.  Even though I did accounting work for a lot of small businesses, the forms and programs are different here.  In the end, it is still numbers and debits and credits and balancing. 

I have not worked on all of the systems yet because all of the different parts of the park are not open yet.  The campground opens in the middle of May.  With the Lodge and Restaurant opening today, I will have some different spreadsheets to work on tomorrow.  I am enjoying the work and my co-workers.  I am meeting many different people, some workampers and some single women without an RV that are staying in the women's dorm.  There are not a lot of really young workers, just a few that are under 20.  Most of the younger staff that are working in the dining room and bar are in their 30's.

Since the 3g service on my iPhone is unlimited, I will continue to use the iPhone, without my computer, to check email and blogs and search for things on the web.  It is sometimes difficult to comment on blogs, using the iPhone, and it's not easy to type on the small keypad.  I read some blogs on the Kindle Fire when it is linked to my iPhone hotspot, but it takes too long to open blogs that have a lot of photos.  So, I am still working through all of this, it is an adjustment not to have "instant" access to the internet. It's probably a good thing, it will get me away from the computer and I will spend more time outdoors.


  1. What a neat place. I saw some cliff dwelling in Camp Verde, AZ. It is one thing to see pictures but it was something else to stand rigt there. What an awesome felling it was.
    Your job sounds interesting and I am happy you like your co workers.

  2. I am going to enjoy seeing your pictures of Mesa Verde. 5G is not a lot, but it will probably be sufficient as long as you don't download much and don't watch any movies on your computer.

  3. It sounds like you are getting the lay of the land. I will be looking forward to updates.

  4. What a neat place to work. Sounds like they treat their help right - how cool on that tour. Thanks for updating & the photos are really great. I hope you have a great summer working there! The park doesn't have wifi anywhere where you could hook up to? My Mom works at a campground. people take their laptops to the snack bar to use them there.

  5. wow looks and sounds like a great place to are very lucky!!

  6. I think you'll find 5G to be plenty. I only had 2G on my Verizon mobile hot spot and always went over, but never past 5.

    Nice to have a shuttle into town.

    MEVE is an awesome park to explore.

  7. Interesting looking place... I hear ya on the iPhone ... I'm finally in a motel and have wifi! yay... catching up on blogs. I can do pretty well with the iPhone... it's the small screen and small keyboard!

    I have Siri but she hears about like I do .. HAhaaaa... pretty intersting stuff she translates my words to. Then I bought a keyboard for my iPhone and it too was just too frustrating to use... the spacing drove me insane!

    Maybe I can find a full size keyboard - that would help tremendously but the viewing of the blogs is still very small for these ol eyes. The blogs set up for mobile viewing helps.

    I have unlimited data usage. AT&T doesn't offer this any longer ... I've been with them for ten years or more... when they were Cingular! AT&T bought Cingular then they went back to Cingular then back to AT&T and have stayed AT&T ... I don't know... I just want stuff to work... don't care what they call themselves.

    Neat ... job!

  8. And you call that WORK?
    Great pictures, I have been there many years ago. Thought it was beautiful, have a lot of pictures I took with a telephoto lens. What is the elevation there?

  9. Your photos are so clear and really nice. Job sounds great. Looking forward to future posts.

  10. We were just here. I'd forgotten you were work camping there. We did the Cliff Palace tour and Spruce Tree House and the museum. It is an amazing place..

  11. It looks beautiful. Thanks for the lovely pictures. Keep us updated on the 'work camping' experience. I am leaning that way myself--when I finish my tour. Toni from Sailing down the Road.


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