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Monday, December 3, 2012

Does anyone use the WiFiRanger?

If you do, what do you think of this product? Does it help you to pick up a stronger signal?

This company also sells the Millenicom router.

I ordered a Millenicom router last week
 directly from Millenicom's website and sent it back.
I could not get online at all with it, at least with
the Sprint iPhone hotspot, I could occasionally get online,
and they have a 24 hour return policy - I would lose about $189.00
 on the initial payment if I didn't make a fast decision.

If I had the correct antenna and booster before I purchased
the Millenicom router, it may have worked.
 I called their customer service,
they were helpful but the limited return policy did not give me
time to order an antenna or other parts.

I am concerned about doing banking and entering passwords when using the wi-fi from an unknown source. The description for the "wifi-ranger" addresses this issue and is why I am thinking of purchasing this product.

from their website:
Connect all of your devices to the WiFiRanger, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, gaming consoles, printers, etc., then have the WiFiRanger securely connect to available WiFi for internet. You can even have a WiFiRanger connect to your smartphone's WiFi hotspot or your MiFi hotspot for internet. This unifies your own private network and allows for standard LAN applications such as printing and file sharing to happen securely behind the robust WiFiRanger, while simultaneously connecting to public WiFi systems for internet.

I'm still trying to figure out the best solution for the long term.

Although I am reaping the benefits of the repeater that my neighbor purchased, I will still need something to boost wi-fi signals at other locations, including my daughters house.

I use Sprint for my iPhone and the signal is very weak or non-existent around here.

Currently, I am trying to boost the signal of the cell phone and my cell phone is set up as a hotspot that should benefit from any increase in signal that I can obtain.

While browsing @, I came across a phone number for "Wilson Electronics" and called them.  They gave me 3 part numbers to order @ Amazon.  A large outside truckers/RV antenna, a connector and a "sleek cradle".

The antenna mount does not fit on my outside mirror and I do not have a ladder on the back of my RV.  I am looking into setting up something on the bumper of my vehicle, similar to what "RVsue" has recently put on her Casita.

RVSue has a "techno angel" that helps her out
 and we all reap the benefits by reading her blog.

The sleek cradle needs to be plugged into a 12v outlet and luckily I have one next to my bed. Otherwise, the cell phone would need to stay in the cradle mounted in the cup holder in the front of the RV - not very convenient.  The cup holder attachment was an option that I ordered from Amazon because I didn't want to stick the mounting bracket to my dashboard.  

I will put the mounting bracket next to the 12V outlet in the middle of the RV and use the cup holder mount by the dashboard - then I can easily move the iPhone around the RV.

Hmmm, I wonder how difficult it is to add additional 12V outlets to the rig?

First impressions of the "Sleek Cradle": Without hooking up the large outdoor antenna and just setting the iPhone in the cradle and plugging it in, I can already see an increase to the iPhone signal. There is  a small antenna attached to the cradle with a long cord. The small antenna is supposed to be mounted outside, but I have not put it outside yet.

I move the RV every week or so, and I need to have something that is easy to remove and disconnect.

I am frustrated with all of the cords and connections.  What happened to "WIRELESS"???


  1. We recently purchased the Wifi Ranger Go. Before we were able to connect to the park wifi, but only with a weak/dropping signal.. Very frustrating. The Wifi Ranger has some quirks, but we are figuring them out and it seems to be worthwhile. I also have a Wilson Trucker Antenna, Indoor Antenna, and amplifier. We used it in the past when we couldn't get a Sprint signal. It went from 1 bar / no bars to 3-5 bars consistently. The indoor antenna lets you boost the signal without connecting to a wire. I would call the 3G Store and talk to Matt and also read Jack Mayers stuff. You're right... wires are a pain!

  2. This is great information Terri. Thanks so much for posting it. We have Verizon which usually has a pretty good signal but we have been having a lot of trouble finding something that will really work and be wireless. I hope you are able to solve this problem. Lots of folks, including me, will benefit.

  3. Thank goodness I get a strong cell signal here in Yarnell through Verizon on my droid. I paid a $7 one-time fee for foxfi and now have unlimited internet via the hotspot on my phone and don't pay Verizon the extra. Other wise it would be dialup.

  4. Teri, if you have not read Jack Mayer's comments on Communication from his website, I recommend you do this before spending additional money on improving your connections. He has written what I believe is the comprehensive explanation of how to improve your internet connections. Here is a link to his site -
    We use AT&T for phone service and have a Verizon MiFi. My iPhone is configured to be a hot spot. I will be cancelling our Verizon service when contract expires in 2013 and adding a hot spot on my wife's iPhone. We have found that AT&T provides us with better and more reliable coverage in the areas we have traveled.
    Please keep us updated on your findings.

  5. I love your little tree, it's just enough.

    All this stuff needed to get a signal is frustrating.

  6. we have the little mifi verizon wireless can hook 5 items to it..we love it and it works great

  7. We had a Millenicom aircard (Verizon signal), which we recently upgraded to their 4G/3G wifi ... we use it with our Cradlepoint router and have a Wilson trucker's antenna on the roof. So far so good, with excellent signal strength; we'll see how it performs when we get out into the boonies. Our various laptops are all connected to the wi-fi wirelessly, and the secure private network we set up through the router gives me comfort for when I have to do banking transactions.

  8. I think you can get Wilson Truckers Antenna at any truck stop. There is a magnetic mount for them. You would have to find the adapter for your phone, run the cord from the antenna thru the window. The magnetic mount could go on top of your RV. That's where I have mine, on my truck.

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