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Thursday, April 25, 2013

More Birds

I don't think I'm a bird nerd, yet.  I do not have a "Life List". But, hey, these birds came to me - so I am not going to ignore them.

No turtles on the Turtle Patrol this morning, but there were a lot of warblers on the dunes and in the pavilion. It was cold and misty and I got wet, but I didn't mind as I was hoping to see a turtle because 2 were found on Wednesday.

Black and White Warbler
on the Pavilion at Isla Blanca Beach

Summer Tanager

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
There were several dozen of these around the bushes
and on the picnic table when I came back
from the turtle patrol.

I put a plate of flax seed (and some water) out for the birds, they seem
to like it - luckily the seagulls don't bother with it.

It's around 4 pm on Thursday and a family is moving into the cottage behind my RV site. This scared the birds away.  Last night all of the birds left around 7:00 - 7:30.  I will put out some fresh oranges early tomorrow morning.

I'm seeing what look like Gray Catbirds, but they look larger than the ones I saw at the Refuge last month. There are also sparrows and more birds I can't get pictures of and can't identify.  The Indigo Buntings are pretty, but move too fast, they mostly stay on the gravel behind my RV site.

Sparrows mingling with the Orioles and Grosbeak

These birds don't know how to share, they fight over the oranges.
Push each other away, bite each other and squawking.

They say this is the biggest "bird fall out" in a long time. The news is that the birds are tired and hungry because of the strong winds and cold temps. I charged up my camera with the 15x zoom and if the birds are still around, will get more pictures tomorrow. I am on the turtle patrol at 11 am tomorrow.


  1. LOVE the bird photos...we don't see very many pretty songbirds down here in Sarasota at our campground. Love the orioles and looking forward to seeing more birds!

  2. Watching birds come to my feeder gives me so much pleasure. A real entertainment center! Love the area you are in...

  3. I heard there was a fall out happening. Lucky you! By the way, those sparrow like birds hanging out with the orioles are really female rose-breasted grosbeaks. :)

  4. These are great pictures. Lucky you is right. Thanks for the link to 10000 birds. Is there any network that would get out the word about a fall out so I'd know if one were near me? Never had heard of one so this is very interesting.

  5. You have some beautiful birds there - most of them I've never seen. Keep your camera handy, I'll bet you get lots more. I love seeing the photos. :)

  6. I had to laugh at your header, when is there not a wind alert on SPI? Love the pictures and waiting for the turtle pictures from the patrol.

  7. Such a nice variety of birds there. I like to sit & watch them. I especially like having open windows where I can hear them. Very nice -- thanks!

  8. What a nice group of birds and such a variety!

  9. This year seems to be really big bird fall out most everywhere. The colors are so strong.

  10. You've picked a wonderful time to be on the Island.

  11. Wow! you sure do get to see some neat looking birds. thanks for coming by my blog during the bird blog hop. good luck in the giveaway.


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