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Where am I today???

Traveling from south TX to Denver

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Nothing new and exciting to report about traveling. I am still participating in the Turtle Patrol, I have not found any nesting turtles, but they are still being found on both North and South Padre Islands.

I am enjoying Island Time. I started my job at KOA and all is going well. I work weekends on Children's Activities and work a few days a week in the office.  It is fun planning events and craft projects for the kids.  We have standard activities, such as S'mores on Friday evening. On Saturday after dinner we serve ice cream and then in the evening we show an outdoor movie, complete with popcorn. I fill in the time on Saturday afternoon with an outdoor activity and a craft project.

getting ready for Friday night S'Mores

Some of the planned activities are kite flying, holiday parades, Pirate Treasure Hunt, scavenger hunt, nature journals with sun printing, carnival-like fun and games, Sea Turtle Days, paper airplanes, decorating and flying a Frisbee, sand art and Candy Bar Bingo.

made a pillow to use in the RV

My sewing machine is humming along, making all kinds of fun things for the baby girl that will be joining our family in August. Now that I am living only a few miles from my daughter, we spend time together sewing on our days off or sometimes in the evening. I don't have any pics of what we have sewn for the baby. We have made bibs, and some soft baby blocks and are working on a quilt and some clothes.

I made a shower curtain and window curtain for the RV. 


  1. You are certainly more ambitious than I.

  2. I enjoy seeing your sewing projects. Love the lighthouse-themed window curtain and shower curtain! I made some baby burp cloths using cloth diapers. Easy and fun!

  3. Oh, Teri, that sounds like so much fun! Sewing with your daughter! Nice to be close and have time together like that. Cute stuff!

  4. Your activities for the kids sound like a lot of fun. I think I would join in if I could.
    Wonderful that you can spend time with your daughter preparing for the new member of the family. What special times those are.

  5. Glad to hear that your KOA job is going well. It sounds like your grandbaby will have a full custom wardrobe!


  6. Love the lighthouse pattern. How much fun you must be having being with your daughter and preparing for a new little one. But all those activities - I'm wore out.

  7. How fun doing kid stuff at the KOA and baby stuff with your daughter. I like your lighthouse fabric.

  8. nice job on the sewing projects!!!

  9. Like your sewing project for the RV. did you every get the bed built?

  10. Attractive sewing projects for the RV, and the orioles are gloriously orange in your header photo.

  11. What a great idea to have a virtual baby shower. Read about it on your other blog. Neat way to share the fun with friends spread out in the states.
    Great powder room curtains. Is your window curtain just velcro'd on? I like it's tailored look.

  12. Go to see you are a good work situation. I should have taken your advice last year.

    I'm back blogging at:

    didn't want to pay GoDaddy $80 for a redemption fee to get my domain name back.

    got the 'itch' again to rv

  13. Sweet projects for the new one. I know you're enjoying proximity to your daughter.


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