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Friday, February 14, 2014

And the answer is........

So......... I followed the rules and applied online.

I received an email - I qualified for the job

Next step: pass the fingerprinting and then I would be sent a written job offer.

Everything is done online, you can't call anyone, I suppose they do get a lot of applications.

Strike 1: Since I was not living in Austin and my address was shown as Livingston TX, I was sent an email stating that I would be sent an invitation for off-site fingerprinting. I replied, stating that I was in San Antonio and could drive to Austin. They did not send the Austin fingerprinting schedule to me.

By the time they replied, the fingerprinting schedule in Austin had ended. The nearest appointment location, on the short list they sent to me, was in College Station, TX. 

Strike 2: The next email I received stated that jobs would not start until March or later, (I applied in November) probably due to the fact the the IRS was not accepting any tax returns until January 31st.  (I still keep up will all of the IRS insanity even though I do not prepare tax returns professionally anymore).

Strike 3:  I wanted to stay at an RV park just a few miles from the IRS office. This park has an application process for monthly renters. Monthly renters must be approved to stay at these parks. I talked to the person in charge of monthly rentals and it seems that a lot of people are moving to Austin and a lot of people are living in RV parks. It would not be easy to get a site in this park (or other nearby parks) without a start date for the job.

This all seemed to be too much trouble, I was very tempted by the hourly wage, but I replied to the last email from the IRS that the process was taking too long for an unknown start date of the job and declined to finish the process.

I have a job lined up for the summer, so a later start date at the IRS would overlap and I still had not convinced myself that I wanted to sit in an IRS office for 40 hours a week.

For someone living in the area, the IRS does have part-time and "weekend only" hours for this position.

The reason for my post yesterday and today is that the IRS is still looking for help. 

If you go to and in the search 
enter  0530   and Austin   the job posting should show up
apply for this new listing before February 19th and be prepared to wait and deal with their rules and regs.

Department:Department Of The Treasury
Agency:Internal Revenue Service
Job Announcement Number:14CW7-WIX0044-MULTI-2/3/4
SALARY RANGE: $23,080.00 to $36,746.00 / Per Year
OPEN PERIOD: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 to Wednesday, February 19, 2014
SERIES & GRADE: GS-0303/0305/0530-02/04
POSITION INFORMATION: Full-Time Temporary Appointment - Not To Exceed 30, 60, 90, OR 120 Days
DUTY LOCATIONS: 500 vacancies - Austin, TX View Map

Note: In November they had 630 vacancies, they still have 500 vacancies.  I understand that they must screen the applicants, because of the nature of the job. Making sure someone is not going to steal identities, etc. But, I think they need to speed up the process, give the applicant the offer - subject to passing the required background checks. Let me know that I have a job and the starting date, etc. so I can make plans. Most people that applied probably accepted a job somewhere else already.

I have not totally given up on the idea of a temporary job with the IRS, I may apply again at another time. Maybe in a warmer place. Austin has had some terrible weather this year, icy mornings, and I am glad I was not commuting to a job each morning. 

There was an IRS job posted for San Antonio just a few blocks from my daughter's house, but the hours were 6pm to 2:30am - I'm more of a morning person so I did not try for that job.

You can set up detailed searches on the usajobs website and get daily or weekly emails of jobs that fit the description of what you are looking for. Some are temporary/seasonal jobs and some are permanent. May be worth a look for RVers/Workampers.


  1. Well darn. But I well remember how long it took for the paperwork when I applied for a different position within the IRS and I already had my background check and everything in place. Wasn't meant to be.

  2. I understand it is Government but that is a long process. I hope you enjoy your summer job.


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