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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Does She or Doesn't She???

Do you remember those commercials? If I remember correctly, it was about dyeing hair to cover the gray.

I'm not embarrassed to say that I do color my gray.  But that is not what this post is about.............

I was a self-employed tax accountant for 25 years, the IRS was my nemesis.

So, would I really go to work for the IRS?  Hmmmm, what do you think?

Here is the job description:
They show an annual salary, but the job lasts only 30-120 days, you won't be earning that amount in a few months time.

Department:Department Of The Treasury
Agency:Internal Revenue Service
Job Announcement Number:14CW7-WIX0009-MULTI-2/3/4


$22,851.00 to $36,384.00 / Per Year


Thursday, October 24, 2013 to Tuesday, November 19, 2013




Full-Time Temporary Appointment - Not To Exceed 30, 60, 90, OR 120 Days




630 vacancies - Austin, TX, USView Map




WHY IS THE IRS A GREAT PLACE TO WORK? At the IRS, you will use your skills in accounting, business, finance, law enforcement, information technology, advocacy and more to help make America stronger. The IRS is one of the largest financial institutions in the world and the work we do helps fund America. We are counting on bright, talented and dedicated individuals like you to achieve our goals. You will be both challenged and supported so whether you are just starting out or looking for new opportunities, consider the IRS and start making a difference today.
The U.S. Department of the Treasury has a distinguished history dating back to the founding of our nation. As the steward of U.S. economic and financial systems, Treasury is a major and influential leader in today's global economy. We have over 100,000 employees across the country and around the world. 
Cons:  It's the IRS / Government
           Working in a cubical
           It's the IRS / Government
           No free/cheap RV site like a typical "Workamping" job          
           It's the IRS / Government 

Pros:  It's only a few months!                  
           I've always been curious about what really happens inside the offices of the IRS
           Great hourly rate

I'll let you know tomorrow what happens next, I did apply.....................


  1. When I was working at the credit union, more than once I had someone apply for a loan and when we talked I discovered that they worked for the IRS. I thought, but you are so normal. LOL But seriously, it's like anywhere else- nice people work there too. I say go for it, you don't have to stay if you don't like it.

  2. Oh you have to do it just for curiosity's sake. If we EVER get a flat tax, they will mostly be history. Spy on them while you can! LOL

  3. My first husband's business got audited by the IRS... since we did the books at home, the guy practically lived with us for a couple of weeks. He was a very nice person and I actually enjoyed the (nerve wracking) time spent with him. Being a temporary job it might be a good way to find out if they really do hire folks with a personality, character, a sense of humor, and.... a heart.

  4. Being a retired IRSer I got for it. Even if it is the Government.

  5. Wow - I can't type this morning. I meant to say go for it.

  6. Sounds like an interesting experience as long as its temporary, and hey, if anything, there's always lots to see and do in Austin!

  7. You can handle anything for a short period of time and it might be interesting to get some insight on how the other side works.

  8. The fact that it's only temporary would be a plus for me. I knew a man back in another life who worked for the IRS - he oversaw the dept that dealt with people who didn't pay, or were behind in paying, their taxes. He was as nice as could be. AND he said if people ignore them, they go after them. If they call and try to work things out, the IRS (at least at that time) often took cents on the dollar owed. I'm sure you'll like the temp position. I hope you get it, and find in inexpensive place to park there. :)

  9. You can be our source of inside information (tee-hee). Just kidding but it seems like since it is only temporary, why not? Yeah, it's the gov'mint but you can walk away at any time.

  10. Why not give it a shot like everyone else above its short term and you can always walk away.

  11. It sounds like the IRS has the bureaucratic part nailed down pretty well. Fingerprinting and background checks seems to be a growth industry. After 30 years as a registered professional engineer in Texas, I just had to get fingerprinted for a state background check. New law, don't you know. You can't be too careful about us engineers!!


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