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Monday, September 22, 2014

Bryce Canyon National Park

September 17-18, 2014   -   A mini-vacation from workamping.

"Hoo-doo" -  rock formations at Bryce Canyon

It was time to take the RV for a drive, I have been parked in one spot for a month. I saw a reminder post on Facebook about making sure to get all the engine parts moving on the RV at least once a month.

I decided on Bryce because the weather was expected to be cooler than other places around here.

It is a long drive to anywhere from the North Rim, The drive was about 3 1/2 hours one way.  I decided to stay overnight at Ruby's Inn RV Park right outside of the park. Bryce Canyon NP has a shuttle bus that stops at the RV park and at all of the viewpoints in the park.

I left the North Rim, at first light, at 6:00 am (7:00 am in Utah) and with stopping for gas and groceries, it was around noon by the time I had my house setup at the RV park.  Not the best time of day to start a hike into the canyon, but there was a possibility of rain later in the day and the next day, so I decided to go ahead and hike anyway.

A beautiful day except for about 10 minutes of rain in the late afternoon

After checking all of the information online and talking with my co-workers, I decided to hike the Navajo Trail going down into the canyon. the park service suggests walking the trail clockwise and then you will walk up into "Wall Street" at the end of the hike. Wall Street is like a slot canyon and then you go up more switchbacks back to the rim.

Wall Street

When I finished this hike, I took the shuttle bus to the Visitors Center to check things out and then sat outside to eat a lunch that I packed.  I did not go into the Lodge or the General Store because of the limited time I had on this short trip.

After lunch, I hiked some of the rim trail which is about 5 1/2 miles one way.  There was a little bit of rain late in the afternoon, so I took the shuttle bus between some of the viewpoints.

rain/rainbow at "Bryce Point"

Here is a picture of my late husband from May 2009 at Inspiration Point, he was standing very close to the edge and asked me to take his picture.  He wanted me to stand on the edge for a picture, but I would not do it. He said, "If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space".
May 2009 "Inspiration Point" 

Now, I get close to the edge all the time while hiking, I don't seem to have the fears that I had in the past.  I tried to take a "selfie" at Inspiration Point but the pics did not turn out good.  I need to get an extension for my iPhone so I can take "selfies" while hiking.

Inspiration Point 9-17-2014


  1. Great comment from your husband! He taught you well. I must say that header photo is breathtaking, even with all the Bryce photos below, I had to return to it. Haven't been to Bryce for a few years, but I do love that trail. Such color.

  2. Agree--your header photo is stunning! We loved Bryce--took the same hike. Your husband was a wise man!

  3. thanks for sharing as we are heading to Bryce and will be there in about a week

  4. Your photos are beautiful. Bryce Canyon is on my list of possibilities this spring.

  5. Bryce Canyon is another wonderful national park. So glad you were able to experience it again!

  6. That loop trail is awesome! Glad you didn't get much rain.

  7. Nice crisp picture I want to go there.


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