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Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunrise, beach and Balanced Rocks

Friday October 17

Up early to go outside for the sunrise, not as colorful as I hoped it would be.

A morning walk - I drove down to a parking area near the beach on the Colorado River and walked as far as I could in both directions until I ran out of beach and encountered the high canyon walls. 

Driving in yesterday, I passed by an area of balanced rocks and this morning I stopped to take pics on my way out. 

Balanced Rock 
Glen Canyon Recreation Area 

"Thousands of years ago a huge boulder of conglomerate broke from the cliff above and rolled to a stop here. Since then at least 6 feet of this slope has eroded away. Ultimately, the softer rock now protected by the umbrella of harder conglomerate will erode and the boulder will topple again to the ground." 

I walked all around this field of very tall boulders, luckily there was no movement of rocks. Don't think I would want to be near here during an earthquake. 

Well, its only around 8:30am at this point and I still have some driving to do heading toward the south rim of the Grand Canyon with no reservations for the night (Oct 17th with close to freezing temps possible overnight at the higher elevations).   

Several more posts are needed to try and catch up on this trip and my current location. 


  1. Such a great area getting right to the river. And love those rocks. Was just labeling Sept. photos from Lee's Ferry. Glad to know I'm not the only one behind. ;)

  2. I love these rocks the are so interesting and it amazes me how they stay that way.

  3. Those rocks are wonderful. Mother Nature is quite the juggler.


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