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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Vermillion Cliffs Highway

This post was created on my iphone, i hope the layout is ok as I have not looked at it on a computer. I wonder if the pictures are tiny. 

October 16, 2014

On Thursday morning I left the North Rim heading north on Hwy. 67, the only road out. At Jacob Lake I turned right, heading toward the South Rim but will camp along the way to break up the 5 hour drive. I always take my time and stop to check things out and I know it will take more than 5 hours. 

Hwy 89A skirts the southern border of Vermillion Cliffs National Monument.  A curvy, hilly drive through beautiful scenery. I stopped at several overlooks and pullouts to read signs and stretch my legs. 

At the House Rock Valley Overlook there was a short trail so I walked as far as I could to the edge of a cliff. 

Lunch was at Cliff Dwellers - sat at a table outside and enjoyed the view. Very good food and generous servings. 

The next stop was Navajo Bridge. The Interpretive Center was closed (they are remodeling after a fire, check online for a re-opening date) so I crossed the bridge and parked in a small parking lot on the other side. There was access here to walk across the original bridge. There are 2 bridges side by side. 

The bridges span Marble Canyon over the Colorado River. One built in 1924 (now a pedestrian bridge) and the newer highway bridge built in 1995. 

           Rafters under the bridge

I crossed back over the bridge and drove a short distance then turned toward Lees Ferry. 

to be continued...


  1. Nice post and the pictures came out fine. Happy travels.

  2. We loved the Vermillion Cliffs area. We went out there to see the Condor nesting area. A couple of bird guys had their telescopes set up so we could watch the birds on the cliffs. They were working on bring the Condor back from extinction. Pictures look beautiful and big to me.

  3. Nice shot of the two bridges side by side. Looking forward to part two....

  4. pretty amazing that you could create a post on your iPhone. I have never attempted that. I did try it once with Blogsy on the iPad, and while it works in a pinch, I wouldn't want to do it often. Loved seeing the photos, and I really appreciate the map!

  5. Post looks great. Hats off to you for doing this from your phone. You do have a spam comment above.
    I stopped at Cliff Dwellers on my way out also and had lunch with Pat and Paula as they were right behind me on the road. See any condors at the bridge?

  6. I believe there's a gift shop with Cliffdwellers where I bought a small beaded purse made by a native woman. I just love it .. this brings back great memories.


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