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Saturday, October 22, 2011

10 - 9 - 8 .........

Countdown......... 10 days............

November 1st is the day I have in my mind that I want to leave.
 The weather concerns me, what if we get a frost???

Maybe you should be taking bets 
Will I meet the deadline I set?

I just want to just leave now and not worry about all of this stuff.
Can't do that - just have to keep moving.
Need to stay positive and not let this mess get me down. 

I have finished a lot of things to get me to that day, but it seems like there is still to much to do.

The movers are coming on Tuesday morning.
 They are taking stuff to Colorado to my daughters house.

A shredding company is coming here on Wednesday
 to get rid of all of my paper and client files.

I have donated a ton of stuff
 and given away many things to family and friends.

I have been putting things in the RV, but not putting them away.
There is stuff on the bed and counters.
I want to take the RV for an oil change,
I can't drive it with all of that stuff in there.
I need to find a few hours to go in there and get it organized.

I know, I know - I shouldn't be blogging - if I don't have time.
I blog while I am eating - need to take a break sometime.
I will read your blogs later when I get on the road.


  1. Teri... I think you will leave on time. Getting your coach road ready is a good step at this point in time. Organizing inside won't take more than a day or so. I'm sort of on the same schedule as you are. My big concern is packing groceries. I'be never packed for longer than a week so this will be a challenge. Also packing for clothes will be interesting. Texas is alot like Louisiana when it comes to winters. So that means warm weather clothes and cold weather clothes are needed. Positive thoughts your way for your next adventure.

  2. You'll make it. Now you are close. Once on the road, it will all be OK.

  3. what an adventure, no matter how long it takes you. Quite to commitment too, to leave everything that once was and give it away or store it someplace with a relative. I suppose you are heading to warm weather someplace? And for how long?

  4. I can 'read' your excitement though... ain't it fun?

    Decisions made and ready to roll...

    wanna gooooo too

  5. It's all going to get done. Honest it will. And when you want it to be done. As far as organizing the RV - do it after you hit the road. That's how we do it. Throw the stuff in cupboards and then rearrange as you feel up to it. But it does have to be put away enough so you can drive.

  6. Take a chill pill, girlfriend,...or a glass of wine. It will all shake out just fine...We are right there with ya!

  7. Where ever you decide to initially put things, it's likely you'll change your mind down the road anyway, so just stuff it!! :)

  8. I think the tossing of stuff inside of the RV is pretty typical of many folks. Too much going on elsewhere in your life right now, so you are doing what you can with what you can toss into the RV. That's the last step anyhow, getting it organized. Some don't get that done till they have spent their first few nights on the road. I think it's an adjustment period. Something that you just kind of deal with when you are mentally up to it after you finally leave that driveway onto your dreams. It will work out :-)
    I'm sure it's getting overwhelming as you go along right now. But take the time to b-r-e-a-t-h-e. You WILL get there!

  9. Just like everyone else said you will make it on set date. Just stick stuff in the cabinets so it dont fly around and set up as you go. I have moved things around so many times already it isn't even funny.
    Believe me you will be happy when you are moving down the road to your new life.

  10. Blogging is always a good thing! Don't worry about leaving things behind. Remember if you need something you can buy it! What you say, buy something i already have Yes,almost everything is replaceable.

  11. Don't worry about getting the rig arranged perfectly, just ready to roll - things secured, etc. You will rearrange as you go, trust me on that! As for the weather, a frost shouldn't keep you from leaving; a total whiteout could! :) I bet you will be fine with your target departure date. The nice thing about this lifestyle is you can keep an eye on the weather forecast all along your route and plan in layovers if necessary. That's what we did when heading South from Indiana last December. It's no big deal. Again, trust me, it works! Other than that, enjoy this exciting time! Whoohoo!

  12. I hope things are coming along, only a couple more days. Take some deep breaths and you will make it through. I remember when we were trying to get all that done 4 years ago. A bit overwhelming at times. Good luck and just remember that as you drive away a sudden heaviness will lift itself from you and your will be free to explore.

    Kevin and Ruth


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