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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moving Companies

My daughter is in town and we are packing up the items she wants moved to her house in Colorado.

I went online a few days ago to look for a moving company and signed up for a free quote, big mistake.

They gave my info to every moving company and I have received too many phone calls and emails. Some of them are very pushy salesmen, giving me a headache.

I have to make a decision by tomorrow, because I need this stuff out of here by November 1st.

Some of you have mentioned some moving companies in the past, I don't have time to look back through blogs.

Can you comment with the name of a company you have been happy with,



  1. I tried to deal with a moving company while in TX. Sorry I can't remember their name as I certainly would NOT recommend them. After being put off for several days by the unreliable driver I cancelled the move order, lost a $400 deposit and rented a UHaul to move the stuff myself. Good luck with this.

  2. sorry can't help you Teri...we live in BC..and the only moving company we ever used was Angel Movers..can't say enough about them..just wonderful!!!..seriously!

  3. We usually moved ourselves so no help here. Hope somebody chimes in with some info for you. Could you google reviews for some of the companies?

  4. Wish I could help out, but we've done the uhaul thing ourselves too. Last time, we got some help to move our furniture off the truck by going to a day labor place. Not the best solution though...

  5. I would try some of the oldest company's . I have never had any luck with moving companyies. Sorry
    the ones to claim they are the cheapest are the most expensive or they could care less about your stuff.
    Good Luck.

  6. The best moves I've had have been with Starving Students, I don't know if they are in your area. I've moved many times, and only had one lamp broken, and that was by a major company. The problem was, per my contract, they paid damages based on weight of the object. The lamp was light, but expensive and they offered me something like $12. I told them where to put the money. :)

  7. Sorry I don't know of any but I think I will go into the business myself!! It seems everyone is having a hard time finding someone to move their furniture etc...


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