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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rockport Beach Park

Rockport Beach Park is a peninsula between Little Bay and Aransas Bay.
Entrance fee $4.00 day per car / $10 annual pass
Free passes available at the Chamber of Commerce
No charge to ride my bike into the park.

from their website:
"The Blue Wave campaign is America's first environmental certification for beaches.  The goal of Blue Waves is to promote public awareness and voluntary participation in maintaining clean and healthy beaches. Our Blue Wave beach is litter free, is handicap accessible, has public restroom facilities, picnic sites, children's play areas, swimming, fishing, public boat ramp and is a bird sanctuary.

Looking out over Little Bay

I agree that this is a very clean beach and because of this I stayed longer than I had planned. The only thing missing was either a concession stand, a vending machine or a drinking fountain.  I had a bottle of water and some snack bars, but did not have enough water with me. 

The birds waited at the fish cleaning tables
for scraps to be thrown to them

Needed to find something to drink before I rode home,
stopped at Sonic on the way back to the RV park
 for a Happy Hour half price limeade.

*    *    *    *    *

I know that most of the bloggers do not like the new "double word" verification on comments, but I have actually been using it as a challenge. Looking really closely at the words and seeing if I can get it right on the first try.  I have been doing pretty good so far.


  1. How cool that you are catching pelicans in flight! I've had problems with the double wording once, but otherwise, I can read them. But I can see where they are a pia for most folks.

  2. Ooooo I love Pelicans. I'd never seen one up close til we stopped at Pismo Beach and walked out on the dock. There was one just sitting on the railing. We got some really good and up close pictures. Fun memories.

  3. It looks lovely, and I'm glad you found such a delightful place. Lots of world out there to discover, and you're doing it! :)

  4. Great pictures of the pelicans in flight. And a half price happy hour isn't too shabby either.

  5. good to see this again... so pretty. makes me miss it there!... great pictures...

  6. What a pretty beach. Love the pelican shots.

  7. Ooh, pelican in motion - very impressive! Nice shots.

    The Good Luck Duck

  8. Now those are really good shots. Nice looking place to.
    I had my pre op tests today for the cataract now I understand why I can't figure out those words the vision in my right eye is 400.

  9. Lovely beach and great pictures! Sounds like just my kind of day.

    I can do the double verification words but I don't see any benefit to having it if you also have owner approval set. I get a few spam and just delete them rather than post them.


  10. My oldest daughter is considering moving to San Antonio and was in Port Aransas recently fishing with her sweetheart. She said I would love it, and I think your photos prove it. Looking forward to seeing it someday.

  11. Love the pelican landing on and looking at the sign. Surprised there's not water available at the beach.

    I took off the verification due to all the problems people are having. I too find it frustrating when I can't figure it out. I do best when not looking it them like words.

  12. lovely beach the one with the bike!! as for word verification..not so much!!


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