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Monday, October 29, 2012

Driving across Texas

Which way should I go?
Where do I camp for the night?

Saturday, October 27th
Lost an hour, time zone change, and needed a break from driving, so I did not go as far today.

When leaving Tucumcari in the morning, I headed south on 209, then 268 until it met up with Highway 84.

I stopped in the town of Clovis, NM and walked around for about 2 hours, window shopping and picking up a few small items.  There are a lot of "antique", resale and thrift stores here. For me it is a diversion from driving, I only spent a few dollars and I was able to get out and walk around and stretch my legs. Not much I need to buy, but I can pick up used magazines and books for 50 cents or a dollar. There was a craft store that advertised a restaurant that I planned to have lunch at, but when I arrived the sign on the door said the restaurant was closed this week. Oh well, I ate lunch in the RV.

I left Clovis and headed east on Highway 84, this road is in terrible condition, there was some chip sealing going on west of Clovis, but east of Clovis and into Texas and halfway to Lubbock it was just terrible.  Washboard, teeth chattering, the chip sealing had worn away and created ruts. I drove at least 40 miles like this until it finally smoothed out with real paving on the highway.  All along this highway are cotton fields and smelly cattle feed lots, I will never drive this section of Hwy. 84 again. I should have stayed on I-40.

Saturday night I stayed at the "Mesa Verde RV Park" in Wolfforth, TX.  I inquired as to why they called it Mesa Verde, and the person working in the office did not know.

There are no mesas here, this is flat, windy, high plains prairie.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Sunday, October 28th

Central time zone, the sun didn't rise until 8:00am.  I have a long drive today but I waited until the sun warmed things up before I unhooked the water this morning.

I pretty much drove straight through to my next campsite, stopping only for gas and to rest for a few minutes in an empty parking lot. I traveled on Hwy. 84 again, but this stretch of road was in much better condition.

I then traveled on Hwy's 153, 83, 87 and 71 through central Texas, these roads were in good condition - the speed limit is 70 on most of these roads. I always hear about the back roads being the slow, lazy traveling roads. Not here.

A few of the small towns looked interesting, but it didn't look like anything was open on Sunday, so I just kept on driving.

Drove past a lot of wind turbines, hundreds, no - actually, there had to be thousands of wind turbines (some very close to the road) and more cotton fields today. 

Sunday night camped at the Llano River Golf Course and RV Park. This is a very nice city run park along the banks of the Llano River. There is a day use area, no one was in that area of the park today, I'm thinking Fridays and Saturdays are probably busy here.

I walked all through the park along the river when I arrived and again at sunset.  

This is a park that I would be happy to stay at for more than a day, it is only about a mile to town, an easy bike ride or walk.

Site #12 said there are no
river view sites, I could see a little of the river
from my windows - but the trees are blocking the view

I am only about 2 hours from Camping World (I have a service appointment Tues morning) and I'm nearby family in San Antonio. I will be in this area for a couple of days and then head down to South Padre Island.

Sunday - drove 317 miles
fuel @ Post, TX - 3.499
fuel @ Eden, TX - 3.499


  1. oh, baruther... you did take some back roads. not good in Texas for the most part. West Texas is just not interesting to me AT ALL ... that's why I'm rethinking my wanting to go to Big Bend ... just not my thing. El Paso isn't too bad.

    at least now you're almost to San Antonio. I like it there when it isn't summer!

    I might see you in South Padre... I haven't been in a while. Was there ... 2009? can't remember. Stayed at the county park on the southern side? the larger one. Has an outdoor kiosk type oyster bar ... loved watching the dolphins.

    Where are you volunerring? did you say and I missed it? I try to keep up with you ... hard to keep up with blogs when you're traveling, innit...

  2. I've driven some of the worst roads ever in west TX. Glad you can stop for at least a day before heading off to the new job.

  3. That looks like a great camp site. West TX is definitely not exciting.

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the west TX roads. Writing them in my notebook... I'll be going that way in Dec. Glad you are almost to your destination. I look forward to reading what your next volunteer job is like.

  5. That is pretty funny to find a "fake" Mesa Verde Campground after you left the real thing! :)

  6. Sure did some miles today. Hope all goes well at Camping World so you can get to South Padre.

  7. Wow you did some travelin'. Looks like it would be nice to stay alonger in that site. That's what happens when we have "appointments". I always seemed to have to "be somewhere" on a certain date when I ran into a great little place to stay. Safe travels!


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