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Traveling from south TX to Denver

Saturday, November 3, 2012

South Padre Island

A few days of R&R before reporting to work.

Although I like to travel to different areas, I think I am happiest at the beach.
Walking or biking around a small beach town, whatever I need just a short distance away.  Walking along the shore. Low key, laid back living.

I'm thinking coastal towns are going to play a big part in my travels over the next several years.

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Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation
Sea Turtles on SPI

"Gerry" is a big guy and he eats
500 heads of Romaine lettuce each year

these little guys are missing a part of their flippers


  1. I'm with you about walking and biking near the beach. Enjoy!

  2. Me too. No matter where else I go and really enjoy it just doesn't beat the beach. South Padre looks gorgeous. Looking forward to hearing about your winter there.

  3. For me it is trees. Although I have not been to much of the Coast, forests call to me more than the sea.

  4. love the turtle pics...I too love the beach and sea :)

  5. The last turtle's head markings are similar to his shell. Poor things, I'm glad there is a turtle rescue for them.

    The water gives us negative ions, and I think that settles us. Very calming.

    A couple of weeks before I started traveling, when my rig was new-to-me, I used to spend the weekends at the beach, just parked along side. It was like I had a little beach house. Then I'd go back to a parking lot for the night. I'd wake up and leave real early in the morning to get a good spot on the beach road the next day. That was great! I know why you love it so much.

  6. I love the beach too! Maybe that's why we have spent the last few summers on the Oregon Coast and why we are heading there again next summer!

  7. Although I like to visit the beach I feel the forests and mountains call my name, and canyons. Enjoy your beach walking. Will you be living on the beach while you work?

  8. You should enjoy Laguna Atascosa. You can take the 14 or 15 mile loop drive on your bike. :)

  9. I'm a beach lover, too. It rejuvenates me.

  10. Love the turtles. What beautiful markings. To bad about about the flippers. Sharks?

  11. Love South Padre - Port Isabel ... Laguna Atascosa is a knockout .. Yep I need to go back ...

    See you in a bit! ;) you convinced me ..was trying to decide which way to go ...

  12. For me it is the desert. I am not a fan of sand or the ocean. The important thing is that we all get to enjoy the various areas of this beautiful country we live in.

  13. There is something about the sounds and smells of the ocean that relaxes me. Love it.


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