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Monday, January 7, 2013

A few hours of sun

A mostly sunny day and I did not have to work today.

Went for a bike ride on the entrance road to the refuge.

Saw a few birds, but they moved so fast I could not identify them. I want to take a bike ride around the 15 mile Bayside Loop, so I am riding on the road to build up to 15 miles, did a little over 6 miles today. Will add a mile or two every few days.

15 miles is not a long ride, but its been about a year since I have been riding my bike. I really need to upgrade this bike. I have a basic bike without any gears/speeds and it has coaster brakes.

The sun was short-lived.

Now, we have warnings for severe weather starting Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday evening. The weather service is predicting thunderstorms, high winds, hail and possible tornadoes in the Rio Grande Valley and coastal areas.

I hope this weather system fades before it does any damage. 


  1. The weather seems unstable everywhere this year... crazy weather patterns. Stay safe! Home base PA is getting tons of snow while I am here in Tucson AZ still freezing cold at night, lol.

  2. I guess a little sun is better than none, especially on your day off. Glad you had a nice ride.

  3. Personally, I'd rather walk. Sounds like you may have a collectible bike. Nice to get out and exercise on a day off.

  4. I'm with you, hoping the storm fades.

  5. If I were there I'd be riding along side of you. I love bicycling and just don't get the opportunity much anymore. It won't be any time at all before those 15 miles will come easy. (but if you're like me, you'll stop often to look at things up close)

  6. I'm not sure if we will take bikes along or not. We have some very good ones, but haven't ridden them for years. I even paid over $200 two years ago to have them tunes up, but then never went out on them. I guess I'm just a hiker!

  7. The severe weather warning prompted me to make the decision to stay where I am for a month. Can't believe I finally made a commitment! ;)

    I was checking the weather in Port A and SPI ... peculiar weather every where it seems...

    That 15 mile loop is long. I bet your bike makes it as fast as Homer... pretty though but what if you run into a fox or ... a ... something or other that'll want to bite the wheels of your bike? hahaaa

    I had a dog that did that once. Bike wheels fascinated him... he would run and try to bite the spokes?! goofy

    Well? but when the sun does come out ... it's gorgeous there, innit

  8. Hi Teri. We too are working up to the 15 mile loop here at Laguna. I think that the wind is the wild card! The way that it blows half of the ride could be easy but the other half quite difficult.


  9. We are havign strange weather here too. It has been cold. We have had sun, but Sat, the are saying it will be 48 degrees. YIKES!

  10. Hope they are wrong about your weather. Mimi.g is good exercise. Even more so without gears. You go!!

  11. Typing on my phone-- hate it!! Should say biking is good exercise. Sorry :-((

  12. So GREAT to find your blog!How excited to be living in your Winnebago and traveling from place to place. I will follow you here and hope to see you over on my blog too! The weather is getting stranger as time goes on. Keep safe!


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