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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

RV - TV show

Just saw this on Facebook - 


RV Owners: Major TV Network Wants to Hear Your Story!

Major cable TV network is currently seeking RV owners for an upcoming
pilot. If you live in any type of home-on-wheels and love the open
road, we want to hear from you! Seeking all personalities and
lifestyles. Whether you have a unique story to tell, or have an RV
like no other, please tell us a bit about yourself by emailing:

Is this "good" or "bad" - more publicity about the full-time RV lifestyle?  Last year the media ran stories about the Amazon workampers.

Are more people taking to the mobile lifestyle because of the economic problems? Seems like there are younger families taking to the roads.

It is possible to make a living, self-employed, using technology (although I think that mobile internet still has a long way to go)  and families are homeschooling.

Other bloggers have posted about society going back to a mobile lifestyle. Are we like those that traveled west in covered wagons, searching for a better life? 

Are RV'ers pioneers? Searching for change, a way to overcome the problems of today.

I wonder what retirees think of all of this.  Those that stuck it out with the same job for 30 or 40 years and saved and saved and have decent retirement funds and now travel in an RV as snowbirds or maybe as full-timers.

Things are different for the younger families. Medical Insurance is not a free benefit any longer. There is no incentive to stay with one company for 30 years - no vesting in a pension annuity for staying for 20 or 30 years like the big companies and unions used to pay out.

It will be interesting to hear the stories and to see what others are doing and why.  What pushed them to go ahead and try this lifestyle? What are the benefits and what types of problems have they encountered along the way.

Would like to know if any of my "blogging buddies" are interested in going on TV.  I would not, I don't think my story is quirky enough for TV.


  1. No TV for us...we are too boring!! LOL We travel and work. I agree with you about the big retirement folks who have them realize how fortunate they are??

  2. Bill & I both contributed to our retirement plans where we worked. Good thing, because if we depended on SS we couldn't live the life we have now. I don't know about most young folks, but our kids (who are 48, 49 & 50)all know about IRA's TSA's and other means of retirement plans. I think they also know that nothing's guaranteed.

  3. I think your story is just as interesting as the next. I think because we are now retired it will make us appreciate it more.

  4. I wouldn't want to be on TV - just traveling and living my life is enough for me. I'll bet there are a lot of people would would do it, though, especially if they were paid a decent amount of money. :)

  5. I don't think this show will be about any of the "regular" people living in the Rv's....more of a far out ...outrageous lifestyles that so called "reality shows" are now. What I see happening in Arizona right now is more and more people are living in the rv's on "friends" property...that is all they can afford to do anymore...they can't afford gas...they can't afford hook up fees...just basically a place to live. Most of them are not by choice anymore. And I think the property owners are letting people do this for a minimum $100 because that helps them out to...I'm telling you...this economy is a MESS whether people want to admit or not...

  6. I don't know if you would want to be on TV, Teri, but I find your story very compelling. Just think of all the national parks and wildlife refuges that you could tell about. Your workamping angle would be interesting to many, I'm sure.

  7. Not into the TV thing, but I do think each of us has a unique story to tell.

  8. I don't want to be a TV star. RVing has gotten me to a lot of places and gives affordable housing when parked. It is a unique lifestyle that the non-RVers are curious about.

  9. I am curious about where they adverised this casting call and what network is doing it. I think younger people are willing to full time for the great lifestyle since they have so much less to lose in terms of retirement so they want to do it while they are young. I wish I had but even had I known about it at that age I would have been afraid to take the risk.

  10. I'm afraid this will be another reality show type of thing ... which seem to be more and more popular each day ... hopefully I will be proven wrong.

  11. No TV for me I am not interesting enough and haven't been anywhere yet.


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