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Monday, January 28, 2013

Birdy neighbors

Not much going on here. Just enjoying the quiet of the refuge and the mild winter weather.

It is Monday morning and  I am sitting in the RV with all of the windows open thinking about what I should try to accomplish over the next 3 days. I'm usually off work on Mon, Tues and Wed.

It's warm, but it is too windy, so I won't go for a bike ride today.

There are several birds that are carrying small branches. Is it nest building season already?  Sorry, no pictures - just relaxing right now.

I have not put out any bird feeders, I don't want to attract unwanted critters.

There is a row of bushes along the back and side of my site and a few mesquite trees - this is a great place for the birds to hang out. I hear owls at night but haven't gotten a look at the owls, yet.

Anyone want to send me a pair of night-vision binoculars??

This morning I have seen: Altamira Orioles, Green Jays, Mockingbirds and Yellow-fronted Woodpeckers. There are more birds than what I listed, but not sure what they are - or didn't get a good look at them.

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Decided to check the dictionary to see if "birdy" is a word. 
This is not what my post is about, but wonder if some bird watchers aren't a little "birdy"
I meet all kinds of birders and non-birders on the days I work in the Visitors Center.

birdy definition

and birdie 

  1. mod. 
    crazy; strange. :  She acts a little birdy from time to time.
Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition.
Copyright 2007. Published by McGraw Hill.
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  1. HAHaaaaa.... birdie... well? I tell ya... just when I think I know everything...

    love watching birds ... I got geese and TWO SWANS and ducks and gulls ... so pretty flying ~ the geese want food! lotsa goose potty

  2. Most of my birder friends are definitely birdie as well.

  3. I love watching birds, mostly because of the diverse colors and patterns, not so much their behavior and nesting habits. I feed them when at "home" and just last week bought suet cakes and hummer feed and feeders to carry with me. I brought a feeder pole with me when I left home last fall.
    When we farmed I always had some geese or ducks running around...

  4. You may say not much going on but for me still working full time not much going on sounds wonderful! Relaxing and watching the birds is a good way to spend some time....even if it does make you a little birdy ;)

  5. Enjoying the quiet of the refuge sounds wonderful to me and quite the thing to do. I would love to have binoculars I could use at night too. I love night time sounds. It was one of my favorite things about all the tenting I did for years.


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