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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wildfire Season

Be careful out there.

Last summer when I worked at Mesa Verde, I was less than 20 miles away from one of the wildfires. I unhooked my sewer and water and only had the electric hooked up.  I made sure my counter was cleared off and that my RV was ready to move at a moments notice.

Unfortunately, today, there are several wildfires burning in Colorado again.

Keep this website handy:

 for information about wildfires.

The Echo Canyon Campground near Canon City was evacuated today.

Is your RV ready to move? Do you have extra water and food aboard? What other things have you done to prepare for these types of weather related disasters?


  1. As a matter of fact just yesterday I picked up and evacuation guide for up here. I have a couple gls of water and keep my gas tank full. Today there was a big fire in Show Low at a pellet company. I heard they may be forced to shut down this time as they have a very bad safety record. The Company is righ tnext to a propane business. Talk about scary.

  2. Good advice. I check inciweb regularly. When I was at Mesa Verde those who lived in the park were told to keep a box of their most important papers by the door in case of a quick evacuation. Half the park had seen fire by then, 2005. I remind campers about being at the end of a dead end road and to keep fires small. We aren't on restriction yet. But it is scary dry. I could roll within 30 mins.

  3. I live in the mountains in mid California. We haven't had a fire in our part of the forest for at least 60 Years. But there are burn scared trees and an old fence line that shows it was burned over at one time.

    One of my biggest fears is we will finally get the house on the market and we will have a devastating fire in the forest around us. Could happen. I'm a bit uneasy every year during our very long fire season.

  4. Great advice and information. I too have a box with all valuable papers and keep the gas tank at least half full always. I'm on the east coast but in the last few years there seem to be disasters everywhere.

  5. Forest fires are always so scary. They can move so fast and shift direction with a puff of wind. Stay safe and hope you don't get one so close this year.

  6. Fires & tornadoes. The two things that can scare me the most. There's not much warning with either one.


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