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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stormy Weather

Moody weather

We had strong winds and rain on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.  I got drenched walking to the office on Wednesday morning (even though I had an umbrella and wore a windbreaker). The rainy weather has given us lower temperatures (woo-hoo) and mosquito's (boo). 

The rain is welcome because of ongoing drought conditions, there were puddles all over the campground, but most of the puddles are gone this morning. 
The shows that we will get more rain all week and weekend. The rain finally stopped by 5:00 pm when I walked back to the RV after work. I went for a walk in the evening, even though more rain was predicted. I knew I would be able to wait out rain under the pavilion at the beach or at the boat docks.

The "energy" of the water and air is different after a heavy rain.  It felt soo....good to walk barefoot along the edge of the water. I wanted to stay out there all night.  It would be great to park the RV near the shore overnight, but that is not allowed in the County Park where I was walking.

All of these pics in this post were taken between 7:00pm and 8:30pm during my walk. Turn around facing any of the four directions and see a different sky each time. So far, we have not had any additional rain. If you look at the radar at "" it is raining???  

The southern end of Padre Island is about 40 miles long, north to south, the city of South Padre is only about 5 miles long. A lot of Padre Island is off limits to vehicle traffic and the island stretches north to Corpus Christi (Padre Island National Seashore). The KOA is on the south end and my daughter lives about 3 miles north of the campground - and we have different weather on some days. She will text that it is pouring rain at her house and there will be no rain at the KOA.


  1. Blogger can be frustrating. I changed the size of some of the pictures and the typeset changed. I'm not going to fool with it.

  2. Yeah rain, I hope you get enough so that everything is green when I get back.

  3. Both blogger and are very frustrating. It's amazing what will say is going to happen that doesn't happen at all or even close. Love your stormy looking pictures.

  4. Love your storm pictures. There's just something about cloud pictures for me. Sure hope the rain helps out the drought. But hate that it brings the mosquitoes.

  5. The storms should bring many surprises to the beach and sky.

  6. Great shore pictures and the sky's are great. We have had lots of rain and the mosquitoes are awful here too.

  7. "The "energy" of the water and air is different after a heavy rain. It felt soo....good to walk barefoot along the edge of the water. "

    ahhhhhhh ... sitting here remembering. great pictures of the storm ... I can see and smell it... it is so very cool to have experienced this sort of nature.. ~ just soak it all in.

    I stayed at Isla Blanca with that 90 day $19 beach pass... I booned at the beach ~ this was 2007 I think so. When I went back this past year ... the pass had gone up and booning it there in the overflow parking lot was not very friendly... can't remember exactly why I didn't stay. That's when I met you... guess I could look it up why I didn't.. Hahaaa... lazy

  8. I love South Padre Island. I was born and grew up in the Valley and enjoy walking barefoot on the beach looking for shells at the end of the road...we just keep on walking...Nice pictures.

  9. OH and I can't wait to see the baby quilt finished.


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