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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A "Virtual" Baby Shower

The countdown begins...........................
only 22 more days until her due date.

On Saturday, I hosted a "virtual" baby shower for my daughter.

We are currently living on South Padre Island and the rest of our families and friends are spread out around Texas, Colorado and Illinois. Karl's family from San Antonio drove down for the shower and everyone else joined us via Skype.

Of course, we would have preferred a traditional shower, but it was not possible to get everyone together. We are hoping that many of our friends and family will visit after the baby is born.

I discovered the concept of this type of shower while searching for shower ideas online and decided this would be the best option. We used Skype, I signed up for a premium account so that I could host a group call. We also posted some pictures on Facebook for those that could not participate on the Skype call.

I am making a quilt for the baby
and hope to have it finished before she is born.

I think the shower turned out very well.  We had a few minor technical problems, but we were able to get everyone on the call. The only call that did not work was when my brother hooked up his computer to a big screen TV. Computers worked fine, but one phone using the Skype app had a few problems.

I charged my camera battery on Friday night. After the shower, I realized that I did not take any photos during the shower because I was monitoring the Skype call, making sure everyone was connected, etc. We were all sitting around the laptop so did not get any photos. We have photos of the setup beforehand and photos of the presents that we posted on Facebook.

I'm wondering if there was some way to record the Skype call to save it.

Thank You to everyone that participated to make this day a success. Thank You for the beautiful gifts for the baby. 


  1. Just for future reference........Google Plus has Hangout that works like Skype except you can have up to 10 people at a time, , no charge. The quilt you are making is for a princess :)

  2. Wow what a creative idea for a shower that folks are too far away to attend. Sounds wonderful. I have been in that position of being so busy taking care of things that I didn't get any pictures. But you have wonderful memories.

  3. great idea for a baby shower or even a special event! the quilt is the colours!


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