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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

North Fork of the Shoshone River

Sometimes I just want to hang out in the forest
I don't always need to drive far to go sightseeing

I am off work of Wednesday and Thursday each week and I try to get away in the RV to see different areas around Cody.

Last week I stayed overnight at 2 different forest service campsites in the Shoshone National Forest. I only used about an 1/8 tank of gas over 2 days - but felt like I was far away from everything. No cell service in these areas.

The Wapiti Ranger Station, located on U S Highway 14/16/20 about 30 miles west of Cody, was built in 1903. It was the first ranger station constructed at federal expense in the United States. In 1963, the Ranger Station was added to the National Register of Historic Places as a National Historic Landmark. The Ranger Station and outbuildings are still used today to house Forest Service summer seasonal employees and pack and saddle stock and for storing equipment and supplies.

Wapiti: [wop-i-tee] a Shawnee word for white rump - also American Elk, large deer

Wednesday night at the Wapiti Campground and Thursday night at Rex Hale Campground
$20 a night for a large site with electric/water

Shoshone River
a 100-mile long river in northern Wyoming, Its headwaters are in the Absaroka Range in Shoshone National Forest. It ends when it runs into the Big Horn River near Lovell, Wyoming. Cities it runs near or through are CodyPowellByron, and Lovell. Near Cody, it runs through a volcanically active region of fumaroles known as Colter's Hell.This contributed to the river being named on old maps of Wyoming as the Stinking Water River.
The current name was established in 1901 due to popular demand.
West of Cody the river is impounded in Shoshone Canyon by the Buffalo Bill Dam, created as part of the Shoshone project; one of the nation's first water conservation projects. A number of hot springs along the Shoshone were drowned by the reservoir. Upstream of Buffalo Bill Reservoir the Shoshone splits into the North Fork, which follows a long canyon down from the Absaroka Mountains to the vicinity of the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park, and the South Fork, which originates at the southern end of the Absarokas.

Fire Fighters Memorial near the Rex Hale Campground
Rex Hale Campground is located along the Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway.The campground
 is named after Rex Hale, one of 15 firefighters who died in the 1937 Black Water Fire,
which burned more than 1,700 acres of Forest Service lands within the Shoshone National Forest.

I love being near water, love sitting by a river. 

Go with the Flow
Immerse Yourself in Nature
Slow Down and Meander
Go Around the Obstacles
Be Thoughtful of those Downstream
Stay Current
The Beauty is in the Journey


  1. It sounds and looks absolutely wonderful. I noticed the title of your book ... I always loved seeing the signs for it while traveling out west. I wanted to know her ... :)

  2. Go with the flow ... But if we had done that we never would have broken free enough to live a full timer's life style. We swam against the current to

  3. My ipad freezes up sometimes! You also broke free. Now we can drift along if we want, but keep the paddels handy if the river takes us in a direction we do not want to go.

  4. Isn't it wonderful that there are so many beautiful places to explore all around you. So nice to be able to get away from all the people in Cody.

  5. A great way to take advantage of your days off. Nature can surely be rejuvenating.

  6. You are working in a beautiful area this summer. Enjoy!

  7. My husband loved Cody. He helped build 2 log homes there for a children's home/ranch.

  8. When you work in a beautiful place sometimes it's easy to just disappear but not be far away. Looks like a gorgeous place to just hang out.

  9. I really enjoy your travelogue! You always have great photos and information about the places you have been.


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Overnight stays in these states:
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