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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Long House

Long House Mesa Verde’s Most In-Depth Tour
"Starting with a tram ride to and from the trailhead, this 90-minute, ranger-guided tour involves climbing two 15ft (4.5m) ladders within the site. The round trip hike is 3/4 mile (1.2km), with a 130ft (40m) gain in elevation upon exiting. Tour begins at the Wetherill Mesa information kiosk, a 12-mile (19km) drive from the Visitor Center. Allow 45 minutes for this drive. Vehicles over 25-feet (8m) long are prohibited on this road."

Long House in on Wetherill Mesa.  I asked Diane and Karl to drive me to this tour because I am not allowed to drive the RV on this road.  My RV is under 25', but there is an 8000 lb. limit on the road, also.

"On a snowy December day in 1888, while ranchers Richard Wetherill and Charlie Mason searched Mesa Verde’s canyons for stray cattle, they unexpectedly came upon Cliff Palace for the first time. The following year, the Wetherill brothers and Mason explored an additional 182 cliff dwellings."

I purchased the $3.00 ranger led tour tickets for 11:00am on Wednesday, June 20th.

We packed a picnic lunch and extra water. We arrived early and while we waited for the tour to start, we walked down to another cliff dwelling,"Step House".

Ranger Jeff
Our tour was longer than 90 minutes
he said he talked to much
He told us a lot of interesting stories.


  1. Great header picture. I just love cliff dwellings. It's amazing that people lived here. I wish we could know more about their livevs and beliefs.

  2. excellent on the cliff neat is that....

  3. These Indians were really something. To make these cliff dwellings just blows my mind.

    thanks for sharing your pictures.

  4. I love how you get to be in Longhouse. I used to play my ocarina in the large plaza and the sound filled the alcove. Glad you got to go out there.

  5. Beautiful pictures, Teri. Interesting how the Indians carved their homes into all that rock!

  6. I would love the visit Long House. Great pictures, Teri!


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