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Monday, June 25, 2012

United Campground - Durango, CO

Friday June 22 and Saturday June 23

I stayed at this campground because it is less than 5 miles from downtown Durango and there is a "Durango Trolley" stop in front of the campground. The trolley runs from 7am to 10pm, is free, and stops at the campground every 20 minutes.

The property is very scenic and borders the Animas River. The Durango & Silverton train passes right through the middle of the campground.

The RV sites are on the west side of the tracks
 and the tent sites are on the east side of the tracks.

The only drawback to this RV park is that they really pack in the RV's. It is a very quiet park and I had nice neighbors on the right side of my RV. They do have full hookup sites but I didn't need it for only 2 days. I think the water and electric sites have a better view than the full hookup sites. I just needed an electric hookup to turn the A/C on for my cat, it was in the high 80's and 90's for most of the weekend. I was away from the campground for most of the day.  An electric/water site was $35.00 per day.

tent sites across the tracks

I walked around the park on Friday evening and didn't see any access to the river.  There is a small stream that was right in front of my RV. On Saturday I asked the owner if there was access to the river, because they advertise "fishing".  She said I would have to climb over the fences, because they have cattle grazing on the property.  I decided not to do this, I had been out walking around all day and was tired and she said the grass was tall beyond the fences. 

Friday evening, I could see the smoke
from the "Weber Canyon Forest Fire"

The Weber Canyon fire is in Mancos, CO - south of Hwy. 160.  I drove past this area early on Sunday morning when I returned to work at Mesa Verde National Park.  Mesa Verde is 10-15 miles west of the town of Mancos. 

Saturday evening as I sat at the picnic table in front of the RV, I heard a noise - it was a deer just a few feet from my RV door.  When I stood up, it took off.  Then it walked back to the stream  - this time in front of the RV next to mine and there were 2 deer at this time.  I was not able to get a decent photo.  They took off when some other campers walked by.

-    -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

I did not take a lot of pictures in Durango.  Diane and Karl and I were just relaxing by the pool at their motel, or walking around the downtown area where all the shops are.  When they went to a pre-wedding party on Friday evening, I took the trolley back to my RV.  On Saturday morning, I took the trolley to town, stopping along the way at a few thrift shops and the Farmers Market before meeting up with the kids again.  When they left for the wedding around 4pm, I stopped to get some frozen yogurt then headed back to the RV.

Karl & Diane
ready for a "cowboy" wedding
at the El Dorado Ranch


  1. For $35 you'd think you would have a little more space.

    The trolley must have been nice for you. If the neighbors on the right were nice, what about those on the left? :)

  2. So no trains run on the tracks through the RV park? The trolley was convenient but the price a bit high.

  3. A trolly is great for getting around.
    Have to agree with the others that is high. But visiting with your family makes it worth it.

  4. I stayed st the Walmart there ... very nice .. great city park there on the river... Really liked it there ... seems I stayed several nights

    Aw deer ;)


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