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Sunday, September 16, 2012

RV Dream Home

My daughter sent me this picture

and I just had to share.


  1. I've been in parks that wanted you to park that close together.

  2. We could make them into condos! hahah

  3. Haha, I came across that photo on my hard drive the other day & almost posted it! It's kind of interesting to study actually ;-)

  4. I have seen this before and it still makes me laugh! I'm not sure if I would want to be on the top or bottom of that high rise!

  5. yup...redneck for sure....that gave me a good monday morning chuckle...

  6. Love the new header photo. Beautiful!

  7. Well... the only thing that would concern me if I were on the bottom and all the potties or honey wagon stuff ... have to be some long dude hoses!


    haaa and yes... your header is gorgeous!


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