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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Laguna Atascosa NWR

Thanks for all of the comments on my "anniversary". I had written that a few days ago and had it scheduled to post on the 6th. I am hoping to have a post soon about my expenses for fuel and RV sites during the first year. And the difference in costs of traveling vs. workamping.

I have been having some problems commenting on other blogs and/or opening blogs with a lot of pictures.

There is really fast internet in the Visitors Center, I have been using my iPhone to access the internet there,  but I get no cell phone coverage when I am in the building, and the cell phone works on and off around the property.  The iPhone can pick up an internet connection even when it does not get cell service, I can send messages though email or facebook, but can't make a phone call or send a text when in the V.C. I will take my "netbook" or laptop to the Visitors Center on my next work day, I wonder if it will work outside, sitting at one of the benches, or if I will be allowed to use the computer inside when there are no customers.

The internet barely works while in my rig and I even tried the booster yesterday.  It worked really well the first night I was here, so I called Sprint yesterday and they gave me a code to update my phone - but of course the signal was too weak to download the update. I will try again today. Stacey, the manager for the volunteers here, has two internet boosters and is waiting for someone to install them on the property.

There is a volunteer "outpost" and I will check out the speed of the internet in there. It is just down the road from my rig.  I am parked at the end of the RV sites, which I prefer, I have just trees and woods on one side of my rig.

I ride my bike to and from the Visitors Center when I am working, I arrived here late Sunday afternoon and I started work on Monday.  I think my schedule will be Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I have not been around the entire property yet, Stacey said when more volunteers come in we will do Orientation and tour the property. I guess they don't want to drive around with just one person.

I will take my bike and tour some of the property today. I like the job and enjoy talking with the people that come into the Visitors Center. I do not know enough about the birds or features of the park, but give them as much information as I can. I have already learned the name of several of the birds that can be viewed out the large windows of the V.C.
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This morning at 5:55 my phone started beeping with messages that my daughter had sent last night, so I knew that I would have internet. I quickly turned on the computer and found all of your comments.

As soon as I get the connection issues straightened out, I hope to post some pictures.  I need to charge up my small camera that has a zoom lens and try to get some decent pictures. (I usually just take pics with the iPhone).

I walk over to the gazebo on my lunch break and usually have an apple and some crackers, the green jays have been coming really close to me, they probably would like some of the apple.


  1. Walking around outside of the VC always made me feel like I was in a tropical jungle. :)

  2. Maybe you need to start taking two apples to lunch. Might save you from being attacked.

  3. Sounds like you are settling in well - as soon as the phone/internet issues are solved you should be good. GREEN jays? I've never heard of them, only blue jays. I'll bet they're pretty.

  4. It's so fun to learn about the nature in a new place. Won't be long and you'll have more to tell those visitors. Hope you get the connection worked out.

  5. Glad to hear they are trying to get your internet and phone issues resolved. This is a continuing problem for us when we are out in the far flung places we enjoy most. I wish there was just someone who could recommend a set up short of shelling out for satellite tht would enable us to have a reliable internet and cell signal. I don't care at all about having TV.

    Looking forward to seeing your new site and the refuge.

  6. I love where you are... the places to watch the birds! that little thatched hut thing? This is where I first saw a green jay! didn't know there was such ...

    I gotta go see manatees and laguna again ... I'm getting some urges now... been kinda just hangin here in San Diego waiting for an inspiration to git... You and Sherry have Homer's wheels kinda raring... ha

  7. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your new location.

  8. Looking forward to the pictures. Never saw a green Jay.

  9. Isn't this where Teri & Mark are now volunteering? (excellent birders and photographers). It's been a couple of years since we visited there, but really enjoyed the tram ride (Tom and Carolyn?) when last there. Great Place!

  10. I just found out I won't be coming here this year due to a sewage problem. I'm looking forward to living there vicariously through you. Thanks for your blog.


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