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Monday, November 26, 2012

Watching birds...

...or birdwatching.....or birding???

I enjoy watching the birds, but am not sure that I want to become a birder.
Do I want to start keeping lists? I am not good at keeping lists, I misplace the lists and then need to start a new one. I keep lists on my iPhone and then forget they are there. 

Do I want to memorize names? I have been reading some of the birding books at the V.C.  Each specific bird has a picture for juvenile, male, female and also shows winter and summer colors.  Too much information.

I want to take pictures, but I do not want to carry around a huge camera with a big lens. I'll be happy with the pics from my small camera with a zoom lens.  Many birders have binoculars and scopes along with the cameras. And birding guides and lists.  I just want to look at the pretty colors and listen to the birds.

Eastern Screech Owl

The other day, I was sitting outside the RV and watching some hawks gliding on the wind currents. There are many different types of hawks on this wildlife refuge.  I have no idea what the name of the hawks are, but I still enjoyed watching them.

Other wildlife sightings

There are Javelinas and Armadillas roaming around near my RV sight each evening and sometimes in the early morning hours.  I also hear the coyotes during the night.  My RV is at the end of a row, near the bushes that are along the maintenance road. There's not a lot of traffic on this road, I usually ride by bike or walk along this road.  I see deer every morning and evening.

Monday morning as I was riding my bike to work, I startled a bobcat. He was sleeping on the side of the road, he slowly got up and crossed the road in front of me. I slowed down to watch him and when he got to the other side of the road he was watching me.

A few days ago, the alligator decided to make an appearance when my daughter came by to visit me. He was next to the water trough.

I was originally scheduled to work here only for November and December.  The volunteer manager thought that other volunteers would need my RV site, but some of the volunteers are not going to show up.

They have asked to me to stay through March and I will as long as they adjust my schedule so that my days off are the same as my daughters.

I did not want to ask them to do this if I was only going to be here for 2 months. They seem to be willing to change the schedule and will let me know as soon as they talk with the other volunteers.


  1. Cool screech owl pic! All that stuff about birds is just in my head. I truly enjoy everything about them, but am not an avid 'lister'.

    I can picture what site you are in. Hope you've got your hood up with a light on! :)

  2. That's some amazing wildlife you have for neighbors. I could do without the alligator. I like to watch the birds and even know a few names when I see them enough times. I have, but do not carry, a bird book which I sometimes remember to note what I saw on the specific bird's page and when. That usually after IDing from a photo I took with the big lens. If you stay there longer I'm sure you'll learn the names of a few of the birds.

  3. Javelinas? Yikes!

    Wildlife refuges get SO MUCH from their volunteers compared with what they provide. I hope they are extremely accommodating of your needs. So they can't change your schedule and you leave - what then for them? An empty RV space, and no one to cover any of your shifts.

  4. quite the list of animal sightings!! Good for you!

  5. Great shot of the owl. The gator I could live with out. He is really hard to spot down there.
    Hope it all works out for you staying on.

  6. Looks like a lot of fun. I hope they can adjust your schedule.

  7. You sure make me wish I had gotten to go there for winter. And birds grow on you. In a few years, you'll either be focusing on photographing birds, being a citizen scientist and reporting the birds you see in a location, going on Christmas counts to help provide the date to see if bird species are diminishing, growing, or holding their numbers, and even taking people on bird tours to spread your birding enthusiasm to others. And you'll probably soon become one of the volunteers that feed birds at the refuges that let you do it. And sometimes even that helps pass on a love of birds. This summer, I had to move next door when the interns came. But they kept the bird feeders full and rally enjoyed the birds that came for grape jelly.

    I've drug lots of friends birding - usually while kayaking or camping. Many of them are now much better birders than me.

  8. That gator looks like he/she sat there for so long moss grew on its head :) Great pictures, really enjoyed them.

  9. there are differences between birders and "rabid birders"... sounds like you are a birder...

  10. Great meeting iyou Teri ;) ... wish I could have seen the screech owl.... love watching the birds but I don't want to list them either... It was fun looking up the Caracara yesterday.. i Like doing that... I'm watching the pelicans this morning... they are out in force! fascinating to watch ... Hope you can make it to Port Isabel or SPI!

    beautiful beautiful morning... water is sea green with the white ripples! ahhhhh

    Beautiful place you're working ... hope the scheduling woks out...

  11. This sounds like a great place for wintering. I know they will get your schedule adjusted so you can stay longer. Having all that wildlife around you sounds wonderful. I'd love it. And like you, I love the birds but there are too many warblers for instance for me to ever be able to tell the difference. I have a friend who just has a knack. He birds by ear. Amazing. Recognizes their songs and calls. I just love seeing them so I do have binoculars.

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  13. That is so awesome that they are changing your schedule AND that you get to stay in this wonderful place. Great pics! What is that in the pic with the armadillo. The alligator is scary! :)

  14. PS. Meant to also say that I totally identify with your thoughts on bird watching. At my house, I had 11 different bird feeders and 2 bird baths. At one time I had over 20 species in my back yard!

    I've even managed to keep 2 bird feeders outside my living room window at my apartment, but journaling, tracking and detailing make it seem to much like work. So I guess I don't qualify as a true "birder" either - even tho my nieces and nephews call me the bird lady. LOL.


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