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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lazy Day

Today I thought I would go for a 6 mile bike ride to the overlook at the Laguna Madre......but I didn't.

Today I thought I would sort through some papers to scan and shred......but I didn't.

There are a few other things that I should have done.  

I feel that I have been running since I left Mesa Verde.  So, for most of the morning and afternoon, I sat in a lounge chair outside daydreaming, watching the hawks, and napping.

Tomorrow, I will go to Port Isabel to get the Texas safety inspection for my RV (it expires Nov. 30th) and then spend the night at Diane and Karl's house.

Today was for daydreaming.
I  was thinking about Alaska
 and reading my favorite book about Alaska.

This book was published in 2005, but any information
 that may be out of date can be found on the internet.

I have read hundreds of books about Alaska: travel guides, biographies, history. This is the only book about Alaska that I kept when I moved into the RV.

I want to visit every location listed in this book.  There are 8 National Parks in Alaska, this book has one chapter per park.  It also includes information on the nearest town, State Parks, State or National Recreation Areas near the National Parks.

It may take several years to see everything, as I will be workamping while visiting Alaska.   Even without workamping, it would still take more than one short summer season to visit every location in this book.

My plan is to "see Alaska for free".  Paying for my basic needs: transportation, food and shelter by working my way across Alaska.

I am considering staying in Alaska for more that just the 4-5 month tourist season. I am working on a source of income for the winter months. For the winter months, I will need to winterize the RV and put it in storage, then find a furnished studio apartment to rent. If I decide to stay through the winter, I will stay in the southern part of Alaska. Not your typical snow-birding location, but I never said I was typical.


  1. I sure admire your bravery, Teri. I just want to go for the warmest part of the summer months and get out before winter, lol.
    Keep on dreamin' and planning and you'll make it, I've no doubt!

  2. You are fitting right into the Valley lfe. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow.

  3. I have a good friend who worked for the Federal Government in Alaska and she loved it even in the winter time. So I'm wishing you the very best as you look north to Alaska.

  4. Some of my friends and myself have talked about and Alaskan trip for a few years now. But you are talking big time and I bet you will do it too. I can't wait to hear you are on your way.
    As for hanging out today, why not got to do it sometimes.

  5. I too dream of Alaska, but during the winter months. I have a friend who works at Klondike. Always follow your dreams.

  6. what I'm thinking. don't think this Arizona gal could do the winters. But with the right planning it is certainly doable1

  7. I doubt I'll ever make it back to Alaska, but what a wonderful dream you are planning!

  8. After a couple of short trips, we've come to love Alaska very much. Spending an entire year up there is on our wishlist --- hopefully after we've been on the road for a while.

  9. Last night Art and I were watching a webinar from Workamper news magazine. This lady was doing a seminar on how to save money when you travel. Anyway, her husband and her had workamped in Alaska and as an example she said that since they were workamping there a lot of the tourist shops would let them do their adventures for free or a big percentage off. I thought that was neat. When I saw you were talking about going there thought I would mention this to you.

  10. I'm betting on you making it ;) ... I have a pal in Homer, Alaska ... I would have gone to see her had I had a passport when I was in Glacier... had no idea I would be that close to going on overe to Canada then Alaaska... I think I might regret not taking the time to have all my stuff sent so I could have gotten a passport.

    Wish I could drive to Hawaii...

    I came on to Port Aransas. I had planned on staying in SPI for a lot longer but they've changed their Passes and such ... Port Aransas is free until January... whatta deal

    glad I got to meet you ;)

  11. It all starts with a dream. Alaska is the last Frontier.

  12. Nice to see you still want to go to Alaska. It is a fun drive through Canada, they have a lot of beautiful country to see. Who knows what the weather will be like next Summer in Alaska. Last Winter was excess snow and mild temps. Last Summer was record setting cold and wet. This Winter is very little snow and normal temps. I will be back there in Feb for a blast of cold and then spend Summer there after 4 May. Good luck and plan well.


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