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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gadgets - A to Z blog challenge

It would be cool to invent a best selling gadget. What do you think would be the next great thing that everyone needs?

We all have houses and/or RV's full of gadgets? Gadgets are supposed to make life simpler, but sometimes they seem to take up too much time or space. 

Computers, smart phones, GPS

e-Readers and tablets

Small single function kitchen appliances
"As seen on TV"

Hobby supplies - rotary cutters, bobbin winders, etc.

Tools of every shape and size

How many of these gadgets do you have?
What gadgets could you get rid of?

I sometimes want to get rid of the electronic gadgets. I feel that I use my iPhone and computer too much.

I would never get rid of them because they are the lifeline of contact with my family while I am traveling, they provide a measure of security when in isolated places (if I can get a signal).

Maybe we need a gadget to tell us to:
"put it down and step away".
A timer where it shuts off and we would have to reboot.
(Isn't that what most "mobile" internet connections do anyway?)


  1. I often look at a gadget and ask myself - why didn't I think of that? I just admit that living in the fifth wheel made me take a good hard look at all my gadgets and I don't have many of them that I don't use any more.

  2. I've begun casting a jaded eye on all the gadgets I have in an attempt to put only those I use frequently into the new TT.


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