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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hiking - A to Z blog challenge

North Rim Grand Canyon

Do you know what they are?
Are you prepared on all hikes?

Sun Protection
First Aid Supplies
Repair Kit and Tools
Emergency Shelter

It's time to set some new goals. In order to spend more time hiking, I will need to find a hiking group.  When I worked in Colorado I hiked alone. This is not really a good idea.  I picked well traveled routes and sometimes hiked on 4-WD roads instead of trails in the middle of the woods.

This summer I will be in Cody, WY.  All of the brochures for Yellowstone suggest that it is best to hike in groups of 4 or more.  Guided hikes seem to be my best option for Yellowstone and I am hoping that my job will give me the opportunity to meet some tour guides and maybe obtain some discounts.

If anyone reading this plans to be near Yellowstone this summer, please leave a comment or send an email.

North Rim Grand Canyon

Another goal for this year is to hike at the Grand Canyon, I am not planning a rim to river hike for this year. A day hike going part way down and back up is all I want to do for now. I wasn't able to get a job at the Grand Canyon this year, so I will probably be there in late September or early October. 

Five years ago, at the end May 2009, my late husband and I had a fabulous vacation at the North Rim and several parks in Utah.  He had 3 surgeries in less than a year and was facing another one.  He questioned why I brought him to this place, where there were all of these healthy people hiking (we had talked with a couple older than us, telling us of all of their adventures).  I was at my heaviest weight ever.  I told him that we would both get healthy and come back in 5 years to hike below the rim.  He died 4 months later. So, I feel that I still need to go back, it won't be in May, but it will be "5 years later". I have not decided if I will go back to the North Rim or go to the South Rim. 

Zion National Park

We were never really "hikers", we would go to parks and nature centers to walk, he enjoyed photography. We visited a few other National Parks, but never walked more than the short trails.

Arches National Park

All of the photos in this post are from 2009.



  1. When o you have to be in Wyoming? You've probably said but I can't keep track of me. Not sure which way we are going after we leave Pinedale but I'll let you know if our path takes us to Cody. We definitely don't do any hiking - both of us are overweight. But we do try to do some walking.

  2. Maybe you will be able to join some ranger-led tours in Yellowstone? So sorry to hear about your husband, Teri. Those are wonderful pictures and memories of your 2009 trip!

  3. I love to go for long walks, but a hike scares me. I think of getting lost or eaten by bears!

  4. Your photos are beautiful. We were at the north rim in 2007. Just moseyed about and sat and gazed at the great wonder. No doubt you'll find fellow hikers at Yellowstone. You're doing what I thought I would do right after my first husband died in 1995. Happy Trails! :-)
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  5. Nice shots of the canyon. Sure hope you do visit the North Rim. Fall is an awesome time to hike. Let me know

    I sent your blog URL to a Ranger I know who works summers at Yellowstone. Hope she can help you out.


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