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Monday, April 21, 2014

Power - A to Z blog challenge

electrical Power for the RV

New "house"batteries

My house batteries are located in the floor behind the driver's seat,
I had suspected that they were not keeping a charge.
I was not able to use the house batteries to help start my engine battery
after sitting for too long in one place.

And when there was a power outage during the summer,
my lights didn't stay on very long.

My RV was built in 2008 
and still had the original batteries.

I do not usually camp without an electric hookup
but it is nice to know that I have the power if I need it.

<     <     <     <     <     >     >     >     >     >

Have you seen the Roadtrek E-trek class B motorhome?

It is totally electric, no propane
Here is info from their website:
  • Engine Mounted Generator: The 3.0 litre Mercedes diesel engine is used as the power plant to feed the electrical system, running everything when driving or parked. At idle it feeds 3.5 KW of power. When driving, it is even more powerful and charges at 5.5 KW. The Mercedes engine will run reliably to operate the vehicle, and your generator when needed.
  • Solar Panel: The package boasts a large 245 watt solar panel on the roof that charges the batteries in daylight (not just sunlight) and is an excellent battery maintenance tool.
  • Inversion and Charging: The package has a large 5000 watt inverter that has battery protection and a power save mode that when activated will help protect the batteries from running down too far. All appliances and all outlets will all run off the batteries. No hassles.
  • Eight Auxiliary AGM Batteries: These are designed to give you "off the grid" power for hours, depending on what you run and environmental factors. They will charge quickly and easily from solar and the engine generator due to a comprehensive charging and electrical control system.

-          -          -          -          -

Wonder where they put the 8 batteries in a class B
and what it costs to replace them every few years.

I don't plan to spend $125,000 on an RV (the cost of the E-trek)
but wonder if I could use this technology to upgrade my RV.
I am planning to add solar at some point down the road.


  1. had never thought about solar power for an RV. Thanks!


  2. We just bought two new golf cart batteries for the Bungalow. Can't imagine having to pay for 8 of them. And I'm with you - where in the world did they put them in that E-Trek. Beautiful rig though.


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