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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Texas State Parks - Copper Breaks State Park

I have yearly tabs at the top of my page, I will update these pages soon.  The yearly pages give a snapshot view of where I have traveled in my RV.

I planned to stop at several Texas State Parks after leaving Colorado. I purchased a Texas State Parks Pass last summer and wanted to make sure I used my camping discounts before they expire.

I prefer state parks anyway, so much nicer than a typical "RV Resort" and the price is right, most Texas state parks average around $20 a night.

For a few weeks, or maybe longer, my posts will not be in chronological order. I have a lot of time to cover and lots of thoughts and ramblings about "where I am and what am I going to do with my life".

While traveling, I was posting some pictures on Facebook.  I have joined many Facebook groups - camping groups, widow groups, healthy eating and fitness groups. It got to be too much, so I took the FB app off of my phone.  I still belong to the groups and I still can check in when I am using my laptop.

I was concerned about the weather in Colorado and northern Texas. It may not have been a smart thing to drive to Colorado for the holidays. I was in Denver from October 27th  to December 27th.
I love visiting my family, I have 2 granddaughters now, but RVing in Colorado in the winter can get tricky.
After Thanksgiving, Denver had colder than usual weather and I ended up winterizing the RV and spending nights at my daughter's house. There was some snow but it melted before I left, they did get more snow a week or so after I left.

I was very fortunate and had good traveling days, no rain or snow and not too much wind, considering the high plains area I was traveling through. 

The high plains is a very scenic area, I feel "at home" when I travel through these areas. The wind can sometimes be a problem, but I love the open spaces and the feeling that I am driving up in the clouds.

Copper Breaks State Park near Quanah,  TX
Northern Texas not too far south of the Red River

Happy New Year to me, camping at Copper Breaks State Park. Copper Breaks is in a remote location with 10 miles of hiking trails. It is designated an International Dark Sky Park.

In the early morning hours of January 2nd, I opened the curtain next to my bed to wait for the sunrise and was treated to a spectacular starry sky.  The stars were huge and looked close enough to touch, I had never seen anything like it before.  And there were a few "shooting stars". No pictures, I was just taking it all in.  Not sure I could have taken a decent pic of this anyway.

 Copper Breaks takes its name from the gray green streaks of raw copper that band its rust colored mini canyons and arroyos. An ancient inland sea helped form the land into a broken badlands of gullies, mesas and juniper "breaks".

”The Big Pond, the camp host told me where to find the "stairs" to walk down to this pond, with a small sandy beach area.

                                                 Campsites overlooking the canyon

Bordered by the seasonal Pease River, this land was once rich in buffalo and other wildlife and offered protection and bounty to generations of native americans.

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