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Friday, March 31, 2017

Birthday and Holidays 2016

November and December 2016

My birthday is in November and Sophia loves to help in the kitchen.

Sophia helped to bake a delicious chocolate raspberry cake. We had a tea party to celebrate and eat cake.

She wanted everyone to wear party hats and found some things in her toybox and dress up box to use as hats.

Thanksgiving is all about the food, we didn't have to do a lot of cooking. We went to Colorado Springs to spend time with my son-in-law's family.  We took a few things along, the stuffing from our family recipe and a sweet potato pie.

We had a special visitor on Christmas Eve, my daughters village sends the Fire Dept out with Santa Claus, to surprise the kids. Sophia was excited, baby Grace was not happy.

We were so happy that they did this, with everyone being sick, we never made it out to the mall to see Santa.

Christmas was at home. Everyone seemed to be coming down with some type of virus.
We only made 2 batches of cookies, but that was enough since we were not going anywhere. It was nice to stay home in our jammies and not worry about traveling.

Christmas is all about the kids, Sophia is 3 and loves music - singing, dancing, making up songs.
She received several musical instruments.

Grace is just 7 months old, her 1st Christmas. Lots of learning toys for her.

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