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Monday, March 27, 2017

Links, Updates and Pages

Have you noticed the pages listed under my header picture?

Work Kamping
National Parks
Travel Books
More Books
RV Stuff 

These pages make it easy for you to find information about the places I have visited.

I have updated these pages to add links to websites.

I will try to add links for just about everything that I mention, making it easier for you to get additional information. 

Check back often, as I continue to update these pages.

I also hope that you will check out the Amazon links on my pages. I have become an Amazon Affiliate, hoping to earn a few dollars to offset the cost of internet service while traveling.

There is also an affiliate link, under my header photo, for Drake Tax Preparation ( this link is for those who want to self-prepare their Income Tax forms. I have used the tax professional's version of this software for many years.

I feel that Drake Tax Software is better than other tax software companies and they are a very professional, reliable company.

If you are looking to hire someone to prepare your tax return, you can contact me at or through the email at the top of my blog page.

I must still work while traveling.  I am not old enough to draw on a pension at this time and will probably work for a few more years, and then I will be traveling and volunteering more. 

Alaska is still my ultimate traveling goal................

So many places I have not been to yet - Maine and the North Eastern coast including Canada - then eastern coast of the U.S. - the Pacific Northwest - the desert in the winter, etc.........

I have traveled around the Great Lakes a little, but not in my RV.

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Overnight stays in these states:
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