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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Kansas State Parks - Cedar Bluffs

October 25, 2016   Salina, KS to Ellis, KS

Cedar Bluffs State Park is on the Smoky Valley Scenic Byway. The state park looked like a good stopping point for the night.

I approached the park from the south, I had read that the southern area of the park was more scenic.  I turned off the highway onto a washboard, gravel road. It was a 5 mile drive to the entrance of the park. With plans to stay for one night, I quickly decided that I did not want to drive on this rough road for 5 miles today and again in the morning.

I turned around and headed for the north entrance of the park. When checking in, I was told to park in any spot I wanted, even a premium site.

There are several camping loops, I drove all through the park and decided on a nice long concrete site, in a new section of the campground, facing the reservoir.

There were only a few RV's in the entire park, everyone was settled into their own loop.

Fall colors in the Midwest

I did a lot of walking at this park, around the reservoir and to an overlook,
 but I don't seem to have many pictures.

Next Stop: Colby, KS
then Denver

Note: It appears that the exclamation points on my photos, is iPhone's way of marking a photo that is saved in a way to save storage space on my phone. From what I have read, the photos are to be saved in the cloud in high resolution, but remain on my phone in a lower resolution.  Whenever I transfer photos, I always check the box to remove them from my phone, so I will have to play around with the settings and see what I come up with. It appears that I am posting low-quality photos, I may have to replace the photos in the blog posts that I have been publishing. I have to figure out how to access the photos while working on the blog.

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  1. Don't blame you at all for not wanting to do 10 miles on a washboard road for one night. Looks like Kansas is the place to be if you want a really nice site all to yourself. Too bad you couldn't stay longer. Looks like a nice place. Love the sunsets.


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