Remember that when you leave this Earth, you can take with you nothing that you have received, only what you have given, a full heart enriched by honest service, love, sacrifice and courage. -St. Francis of Assisi

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Breathe, Smile, Relax, Let Go

There is a principle in psychology
that if you do what you have always done,
you will get what you have always gotten.

So, let go and move forward

* * * * * 

When we walk to the edge of all the light we have
and take that step into the darkness of the unknown,
we must believe that one of two things will happen...
there will be something solid to stand on
we will be taught how to fly.

* * * * * 

It is better to believe than disbelieve,
in so doing you bring everything
to the realm of possibility
-Albert Einstein

* * * * * 

You must seek your destiny,
for it will not seek you.


  1. The last quote is so true.

  2. Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in ... Yup, life goes on and if you are alive and breathing is is good.

  3. Teri - couldn't find an email address for you. Are you a member of Escapees? They have a huge group of SOLO's and at Escapade they always park together and have lots of happy hours and pot lucks. A very active group of single RVers. Also, check out LOW's - loners on wheels. They are also a very active group. You are definitely not alone out there. And if we both end up going to the 2013 Escapade - we'll meet up (if you aren't too busy - LOL).

  4. By the way, thanks Teri for dropping by A Camp Host's Meanderings and leaving your thoughtful comments. This fits with what I've been keeping foremost in my mind the past month - show up, be present in the moment, speak my truth and let go of outcomes. Levonne


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