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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Low Tide

When I looked out the window this morning I saw a few small islands in the harbor. It was low tide and I wanted to get out and walk around to see what was hiding in the sand.

It was cold last night, near freezing. The sun was shining this morning and the coach was warming up nicely from the solar heat. I braved the cold temps and went out to soak up some Vitamin D.

Are these Jelly Fish?
It was neat to watch them moving around in the shallow water.
Are the ones that are not in the water dead?
Or will they be ok when the tide comes back in?
These were just off shore from the public beach.
I wonder if they swim around with people in the summer.

I walked on the sand and mud that is normally under water. 

Walked around for about 90 minutes, then
I watched some "shrimping boats" go out.....and decided it was time for lunch. I walked a few blocks to the center of town and had shrimp tacos for lunch. The menu said 2 tacos on a platter, but it actually looked like 4, I ate half and took the rest home for dinner.

This tree was in the City Park.


  1. What a delightful day. Seems to be cold everywhere.
    That pier looks a little shaky. And what about jellyfish? ;)

  2. nice day you had Teri!!..thanks for sharing it..hope the shrimp tacos were delicious?

  3. I'm tired of being cold and it's only December. Plus I live in California and it
    really isn't cold here!

  4. Nice photos Teri! It's been damp and dreary here in Jersey for the past couple of days - I could use some sunshine -thanks!

  5. Oh I love Palacios! Have a nice time there, although it looks like you are. Yes, jellyfish. That's a lot that are beached though. Yes, they are always in the water & you have to be careful when swimming around them. They are like man-o-war -- they sting & it's nasty!

  6. Enjoyed your photos. What an effort that tree is making trying to reach up to the sun.

  7. You had a great day I can see from the pictures.
    Don't mess with the jelly fish they are not nice little fishies. I wouldn't think you should touch the ones that look dead eihter.
    Its really cold here too, but the sun is shining. I hope it warms up a little soon.


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