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Thursday, December 1, 2011

RV Smart Weigh

The "Escapees" Rainbow Park in Livingston, TX has a RV SmartWeigh station. I set up an appointment for 8am on Thursday since I would be leaving the park at that time. When you make your appointment, they give you a CD with information about RV weights and tires.  They say that 57% of all RV's are overweight.

I am happy to report that my RV is underweight.

While looking over the information for my RV, I noticed that the sleeping capacity is for one person @ 154#. SCWR - 154# is the weight per person that the RV industry uses.
Since I am walking more and eating better (usually), I guess I will set my goal weight at 154, haha!

These are the Maximum numbers for my RV.
GVWR           14,050   the total weight full
GCWR           20,000   the total weight with towed vehicles
GAWR front     4,600   total left and right
GAWR rear      9,450   total left and right
Front Left actual weight                               1,500                                                   
Front Right actual weight                             1,660
                                       Underweight       1,440

Rear Dual Left actual weight                       3,680             
Rear Dual Right actual weight                     3,890
                                       Underweight       1,880

Total left side = 5,180    Total right side = 5,550
Total actual weight is 10,730
Allowed is                   14,050

They were not real concerned about the two sides not being exactly even, it's not a big difference, my gas tank, propane tank and fresh water are all on the driver/left side and I only had a 1/2 tank of gas, and the propane and fresh water were at 2/3.  I was always concerned about driving with a full fresh water tank, but now I know I can drive with it full without any problems.

Each tire is rated for 2,680 pounds. The tires are only a year old. My RV is a 2007 Ford E450, listed as a 2008 Winnebago Aspect. It had only 7,000 miles on it when I bought it, and the DOT tire dates are 4610. I'm so happy that Lazy Days RV Center put new tires on.

I could pull a "toad" of almost 6000 pounds, but instead I purchased a folding bike today. I will be storing the bike on the left side of the RV, this will help even out the weight.

When I left the Escapees Park this morning, to head down to the coast, I took a detour and stopped at the Camping World in Katy, TX near Houston.

I enjoyed my 2 week stay at the Escapees Park, I met a lot of people and had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with them.  I plan on visiting many of the Escapees Parks.  Two weeks/$171.00 = $12.21 per day. I paid $80 a week plus electric for a full hookup site. The electric for 2 weeks was $11.00 and I had the electric heater running a few times in the evenings and in the morning to take the chill out. My cat does not like the forced air furnace, she cries when I turn it on.

Thursday near Matagorda Bay, TX
my front yard for the next 7 days


  1. It's good to know you are doing the right things.

  2. Teri? are you coming as far south as Port Aransas? If so.... you must say hello! I'll be here until the 20th!

    Lots of places to stay here and inexpensively! right on the beach!

  3. I am going to look into the Escappees sounds like they have some nice parks and nice events.

    I love your new front yard.

  4. congrats on being underweight!!..good for you!

  5. Wow Teri $80 a week with electric. Now that's great! Guess I'd better look into Escapees.

    Your weight situation sounds terrific! Congratulations!!


  6. ohhh i dont know... if it was my RV I would then justify the purchase of 12 gallons of egg nog to fill up the corners of the frig :D...but then I think you took the high "road" and got that bike; that means more adventures, yay!

  7. Congratulations on having a slim and trim RV. It's not always easy for a full timer.

  8. Wish we were underweight but we're a couple hundred pounds over. I keep trying to get Jim to get rid of some of those heavy tools but that's a no go. Not really enough extra weight to be worried about it, but I prefer under. Now if I'd just lose a couple hundred then we'd be good. We spent the night at the Katy Camping World. Noisy with the interstate right there.

  9. Jim & Sandie, you are near me. I'm going over there tomorrow for an estimate on my RV.
    Teri, great job on the weight thing! I took a picture of my chart to keep in my computer since that cabinet has things in it, hiding the chart. When I'm fully loaded, I'm probably a bit overweight. Enjoy that bay!

  10. curious as to what they charge to weigh your home? we need to have ours weighed but hadn't run into the opportunity yet but we will pass thru Livingston in March.

  11. Good for you that you are underweight. It's always good to know what your weight is on all tires. I'm glad I did it when I was in Livingston. It was $45 well spent.

  12. Another "good to know" post. Thanks Teri!

  13. What a lovely front yard! I am somewhat envious.

  14. Good for you on all counts, being underweight, a reasonable price for the Escapees park, and purchasing a folding bike. That will be fun to have, and now you won't worry about the weight it adds.


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