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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Windows Movie Maker Program

Thanks to blogging friend "TexCyn" for her comment saying that she uses Windows Movie Maker for videos.

First off, I did not even know that the iPhone would take videos. Unknowingly, I hit the button to change from photo to video, I saw the red light and was wondering what was wrong.  Then I viewed the photos I took and saw that "arrow" in the middle of the screen.  Dah! Videos.

After reading the comment and looking at my laptop, I discover that Movie Maker is installed. I remember watching Stump do some of this stuff with his photos.  I opened the program and clicked on "add photos and videos" and added a video from "my documents".

I was able to turn the video around and add a title - WOW, this is great. I still don't know why these are upside down when I transfer them from my iPhone to my laptop. I contacted Apple yesterday and they emailed me a link to some instructions, but I have not read it yet.

Here are a few of the videos I took, don't be too critical. Remember, I didn't know I was taking videos at first and I also don't know a lot about the iPhone and computer programs. It's all trial and error.


  1. Teri, none of the movies would play on my computer. Maybe others can get it to work.

  2. Hi I'm new to your blog, but I tried your movies on my HP and they worked fine. Enjoyed them and look forward to following your blog.

    Betty and Joe

  3. The third video was nice. That wind was really blowing by the sounds of it.

  4. Teri,

    Fantastic job! I think they turned out great! Have a great weekend, looking forward to more videos.


  5. Great! Aren't mistakes sometimes the best discoveries? I'm glad the suggestion worked for you - now we can expect more vids - yay! :-)

  6. Good job Teri, I can take video with my camera don't know why I don't. I have 2 short ones my Grandson took I should try to post.
    Man that wind sure was blowing in the last video.


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