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Monday, May 14, 2012

Chapin Mesa

On Saturday morning, after I left the campground, I drove up the hill to Chapin Mesa. There are several cliff dwelling sites in this area of the park.

These four photos are from
Geologic Overlook
an easy paved 1/2 mile walk

Next stop was the Cliff Palace Overlook and the Soda Canyon Overlooks. I did not take the ranger-led tour to Cliff Palace. I may do that at a later date. 

 Cliff Palace

"The largest cliff dwelling in MVNP
Visible from several overlooks.
Ranger-led tours provide access
to the dwelling spring through fall."

 Cliff Canyon

If you hike to the Soda Canyon Overlooks, you can get a view of Balcony House.  This is the only way to see it without the tour.  

 Dark storm clouds, thunder,
some lightning and a few drizzles,
then the sun came back out.

 part of Balcony House at the left of this photo

"Balcony House: a smaller cliff dwelling,
not visible from the road
 The most challenging ranger-led tour."
Balcony House in the center of this pic
the arch is over the balcony
(click on photo to enlarge)

I did not go on any of the tours, my goal for this weekend was to do a lot of walking and hiking.

Three photos above from
Soda Canyon Overlook Trail
1 1/2 miles fairly easy with
some rock steps at various points along trail

I still have not gone to Park Point Lookout, Cedar Tree Tower, The Petroglyph Point Trail at Spruce Tree, the Point Lookout Trail or the Prater Ridge Trail. 

And..... Wetherhill Mesa does not open until the end of May - there are more cliff dwellings and hikes to do there.

Today, I heard that one of the girls working at the front desk is looking for a hiking partner, so I may be able to do some of the longer hikes soon.

On Saturday I also went to the Far View Sites, photos from Far View will be my next post.


  1. What a magical place to land for awhile, Teri. I loved the clouds in your photos, everything looks wonderful.

  2. Teri, love the pictures. There is so much history to see in such a relatively small are. I'm looking forward to the next batch of pictures.

  3. We did the Cliff Palace tour while there and also the Soda Canyon hike, enjoyed both. Mesa Verde is a beautiful place.

  4. One of the areas that is definitly on my bucket list!

  5. So much beauty combined with good exercise! You are a very lucky girl :-)

  6. Definitely do the Cliff Palace tour, in the morning or you'll cook in the afternoon sun. If you're up for the ladders in Balcony House make that an afternoon tour for the same reason. Long House is my favorite. And the petroglyph trail also. Plus get fry bread on the loop road that goes through the edge of the Ute res. Glad you found a hiking partner.

  7. The sky must be beautiful at night. I assume the cliff dwellers spent many evenings gazing at the stars. I wonder if the Anacazi understood that plant earth rotated daily while traveling at 67,000 mph through space around the sun? Maybe, some day archeologist will find a written journal that will expand our understanding of these ancient people.

  8. Great pictures Teri.
    There is nothing like being there seeing the cliff houses. It amazing.
    thanks for sharing.


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