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Saturday, May 19, 2012

ZUNI Dragonfly

The Visitor Center at Mesa Verde National Park has several pieces of Dragonfly jewelry on display.  I am drawn to the symbol of the Dragonfly, so I had to do some research on Zuni Dragonfly.

 Silver pieces on display 
at the Far View Visitors Center

To the Navajo and Pueblo Indians
the double crosses represent dragonflies
with egg sacks at the end of their tails.

Ask Zunis about Dragonfly and they will tell you that Dragonfly is the messenger who carries prayers to the Spirit World.

The double-winged form of Dragonfly is sometimes referred to as the "Pueblo Cross".

Dragonfly is recognized as a sign of water,
 which is where this remarkable creature lays its eggs.

Where there is Dragonfly,
there is water.
Where there is water,
there is life.

modern jewelry design

"The Boy Who Made Dragonfly" is a Zuni myth, recorded a century ago by Frank Hamilton Cushing.   from the Myth:
“I will paint your form on sacred things to symbolize spring and the spring rains that bring health to my people.  Your companion I will paint as a symbol of summer and the summer rains.”
Even today, the black, white, and red dragonfly arrives in the summer with the blooming of the corn.  He is followed by his companion, the green dragonfly.  Together they arrive with the rains, harbingers of life and good health for the spring and summer.

Dragonflies: connection to the afterworld, purveyor of dreams.


  1. Neat research, now you probably need a couple of dragonfly pins.

  2. Yes Great post.
    Thank You for the story.

  3. Thanks for the research. I like all the jewelry, of course.


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