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Monday, May 7, 2012

A Lazy Weekend

Last week I was off work on Monday, Friday and Saturday. On Monday, I went to a Museum and drove out to Lowry Pueblo, a part of the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument.

I did not go anywhere on Friday or Saturday. I was thinking, "Do I really need to spend all of my days off driving around sightseeing and shopping?". 

It was a warm and sunny weekend, I enjoyed my time sitting outside. (It is cold and rainy today).

I would like to find a few people or a group to go hiking with.  I have been searching online for hiking groups in this area and also asking around work to see if there is any interest.

the view from "Far View" Visitors Center

Sometimes I ride the employee shuttle up to the Lodge
 so that I can walk for a few miles to exercise.

Although there are a lot of things to see and do in this area, I am trying to pace myself.  I will be here for 6 months and I have to remember that there is nothing wrong with sitting around reading a book or just enjoying the view.

another "Far View"

With that said, I do feel the need to be active - exercising. Until I can find some hiking partners and to prepare myself for hiking at a higher altitude, I have been walking around the employee RV park every evening.  It is not a very long walk, but I can go up and down the different "streets" and go around more than once. I have also walked up and down the frontage road. The mornings are cool here. I will start walking in the mornings, too, when it warms up.

I feel the need to change
 my desire of always needing to
 have somewhere to go and something to see.
 I want to enjoy where I am at the moment.

I like my job, I am learning new things. My co-workers are pleasant to work with and I feel Aramark is a good company to work for. I am happy with everything here.

 I am really thankful that they offered me this position, working in the accounting office.  I thought that I did not want to do accounting anymore, but its what I've always done, what I know how to do, and this is totally different than what I was doing before. 

If I had been given the job that I applied for, I would have a 45 minute ride into the park for the cashier job at Spruce Tree, and right now the shuttle only makes one trip up and one trip down per day to that area, so the employees are there for at least 9 hours a day. Right now, I have the freedom to walk back to the RV at lunch time and some days I only work 5 hours. 

free range horses near the Far View Lodge

*     *     *     *     *

“Happiness is self-contentedness.” - Aristotle

So contentment is not a matter with being content with your situation in life and never trying to improve it. It’s a matter of being content with what you have — but realizing that as humans, we will always try to improve, no matter how happy we are. If we don’t, we have given up on life.
Simplicity, of course, means many things to many people, but for me contentedness is at the core of simplicity. It’s about being content with less, with a simpler life, rather than always wanting more, always acquiring more, and never being content.
Simplicity means examining why you want more, and solving that issue at its root. At the root of wanting more is not being content with what you have. Once you have learned to be content, you don’t need more. You can stop acquiring, and start enjoying.   -from

*     *     *     *     *

Your life does not change when

when your friends change,

when your parents change,

when your partner changes,

when your company changes.

Your life changes when YOU change,

when you go beyond your limiting beliefs,

when you realize that you are the only one responsible for your life.

The most important relationship you can have

is the one you have with yourself.

-Author Unknown

found on a Facebook post


  1. Great post, Teri! love your quotes... I share some of those ... try to read them often to remind me...

    thanks ;)

  2. I too love the quotes. Lots of wisdom there.

  3. Always best to live in the Now.

    I used to enjoy seeing the horses hang out by Far View.

    Might try to connect with some of the Rangers about hiking.

  4. Ask for Jo Schrock. I think she's still Rangering at MEVE.

  5. The hardest thing for people to do is "just be"...once you master that everything is all so easy.

  6. What a great job in a great place you have. It sounds reeeally nice. One of the things I've been learning is to appreciate where I am, let go of that feeling that was always propelling me onward, looking for myself out there, when all the time I was at home with myself and didn't know it. What a feeling of peace, to get to that point of being in the now and loving the moment right where I am. You have the best place to practice that invaluable lesson.

  7. Learning to slow down is a difficult process especially for those who are used to going and going and going. But it is so very important or your own self growth. The problem is some people (like me) learn that lesson too well and then we stagnate. Thank goodness life is always a lesson of some kind.

  8. good quotes. we all need to be reminded of these simple thoughts. i really need to work on these. i am restless.

  9. Teri, what you say is so true. You know, it really is just fine with simply "be-ing," - just sitting with a book or music or quiet taking in the view or just the moment itself. Add that to the mix of physical activity and you've got a nice balance. Have you looked on Meetup for some local walking/hiking groups in your area? Enjoy!

  10. I think we learn it as children. Or unlearn to just live in the moment. I know as a parent I was worried that I needed to make sure my daughter "achieved" in order for her to be safe and have a place in the world. And once we start that business of "getting something accomplished" rather the business of learning to know who we are, it's very hard to undo. I wonder if it is fear that takes us away from just "being" and enjoying the moment. Fear that such a life is just too easy and therefore must have hidden dangers. Very interesting food for thought.


  11. Great Quotes.
    I like the way your captured the clouds and the blue of the sky. Good shots.
    Its good to be happy with your changes in life.

  12. Such beautiful sky photos and wide open places!Sounds like you were reading my life in this post...I have been telling myself almost the same thing, only with me it was"I have to get all this work done before I take time to paint. Well I threw that out the window about a week ago and if it comes knocking back at my door, I'll just pretend nobody's home. Take a deep breath and relax :)

  13. I can so relate to pull between doing exciting stuff and being settled inside enough to just sit and enjoy the moment, the surroundings, my own company. I am getting much better at this. Knitting is a good action distraction for me and I love its meditative quality (when I count stitches). Take care then and I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.


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