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Monday, May 21, 2012

Ring of Fire

Here is a link for some great photos of the eclipse

I did not see the eclipse
I was outside but did not look at the sun

I did not prepare ahead of time,
so I didn't have the correct glasses to look through

Some of the other workers in this park
were out staring at the sun and pointing.
I saw a few cars get off the highway
and park on the frontage road to view the sun.

The rangers were having a program up in the park
and providing the proper eye protection.
The employee shuttle was not going to that area of the park.

I did not want to drive the RV up there
(its around 20 miles to the top of the mesa)
and then down in the dark.
I don't like to drive in the dark
especially on a curvy mountain road.

There are more photos at these Facebook links:

I'm glad I found the blog listed above
through the Grand Canyon link on Facebook.

You can "like" many of the
National Parks on Facebook
and get updates about programs in the parks.

"Like" Mesa Verde National Park
and find out whats happening here.


  1. The pictures tell the story.

  2. no eclipse to see here..just dark rain clouds!..maybe next time?

  3. Glad you found Wayne's link. He's an awesome guy. I'm still processing my over 100 eclipse photos and hope to post soon.

    That is a dark road to drive, been there.

  4. So sorry you weren't able to see it first hand in such a beautiful area. Bummer that the shuttle wouldn't take you.

  5. I didn't get to see it either. I sure would have loved to take pictures of that.

  6. we didn't see it either we are too far east...we saw the last one tho a few years back...


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